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 A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private)

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A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private) Empty
PostSubject: A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private)   A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private) EmptySat Aug 03, 2013 1:35 am

A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private) 8a742f9397cab805f403dab

The wind shifted through the grassland, as it had every night since Seyok had arrived at the edge. Game and fowl had been scarce, but root bulbs and other plants had helped him survive. Though tonight, unlike the hundreds upon hundreds of nights prior, felt different. Almost as if someone or something watched, and waited.

The hairs stood on Seyoks neck. Always he was on guard, even when he looked to let his guard down. Many fell to his fists because of that, though they never knew until it was too late.

Still, Seyok continued through the grassland, the uneasy feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. He tensed and loosened his muscles so that, if need be, he could strike and deal a blow that wouldn't kill, but would stun or paralyze.

"Easy," Seyok said to himself, "You are just on edge."

He spotted a small rock outcrop. He moved towards it, keeping his senses on high alert. After first examination he noticed nothing, but as he crept closer he reexamined it, he found a small cave in where he could rest and sleep. And away from any civilization in the grasslands in the middle of nowhere was as good a place as an to rest for the night. He went through motions of his hands and legs, stretching, before sitting to begin his meditation.
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A Place to Call Home (Closed, Private)
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