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 The Many Faces of a Stranger

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The Stranger

The Stranger

Join date : 2013-07-22
Age : 25
Location : Circling the Void

PostSubject: Re: The Many Faces of a Stranger   Mon Aug 05, 2013 6:17 am

Name: Gilgamesh (Formerly Aian; or currently depending on the RP)

Gender: Male
Age: --- (Doesn't age; nor does the concept really bind him)
Species: One-Of-A-Kind Magical Construct, able to appear and function as a biological being.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Varies

Personality: Is usually well-spoken and enjoys toying with people. He isn't above actions that may label him as an idiot or 'troll', but his true demeanor is rather cold and calculating. He wears his happy persona as a mask to hide this fact.
Likes: Has an immense love of baking, a good fight, stimulating intellectual conversation.
Dislikes: When enemies die too quickly, his cakes being ruined or eaten without permission, and his 'father'.
Sexual Pref.: Heterosexual
Special powers: Considering his power is somewhat linked to Lucifer, Gilgamesh is capable of limited reality control and immense bursts of power. He's considered one of the few things alive that pose a threat to his father; but the more he unleashes his power the more psychotic and unstable he becomes. As such, he tends to not use it if at all possible.
Weapons: His only weapon other than his own body is a sword about the same length as a traditional katana. It's rectangular and bladed on all sides; not to mention he tends to fight using the art of Iaijutsu simply to frighten his opponents. If he fights with his blade drawn fully; he intends to murder his target horribly and painfully.

History: -Placeholder-
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The Stranger

The Stranger

Join date : 2013-07-22
Age : 25
Location : Circling the Void

PostSubject: The Many Faces of a Stranger   Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:35 pm

Name: Greyson Hawke

Gender: Male
Age: 21 (Birth date is April 11th, 1992)
Species: Human (Unique Bloodline)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Golden

Personality: Can be cocky and arrogant when his abilities or job comes into question. Otherwise, he's friendly and more like a big kid than an adult. Also has a hero complex.
Likes: Cigarettes, reading, his job, and chocolate pudding~
Dislikes: Being beaten at videogames, being shot, and having to be the model for Gilgamesh's clothes.
Sexual Pref.: Heterosexual
Special powers: Grey has been tattooed all over his body with a string of interconnecting runes; which act as the medium for spells when activated.
Weapons: His weapons of choice are two customized 9mm handguns that have been etched with runes so they can fire weak bolts of energy at a high rate of fire instead of traditional bullets.

History: Greyson Hawke is the son of Desmond Hawke and heir to the Hawke family fortune and business. His father is the leader of a criminal empire, one that's already in control of Beijing and Moscow's criminal underworld. Grey has accompanied his father to a new location and is currently occupied by a three-way war for control against two opposing groups. 

As the war between them went on, Grey was eventually the deciding factor in the fall of one of the three gangs. The remaining two, The Hawke Organization and the Shinjoku Corp., escalated things as their anger was focused on one target rather than two. Behind the scenes, a grand scheme was being enacted using the warring factions as pawns, which eventually led to the Shinjoku Corp. using their main tower as a focal point for a spell that was supposed to grant their C.E.O godlike power. Instead, when Grey and Gilgamesh arrived to intervene amidst the grand war, what they found was God himself. The tattooed runes adorning Grey's body were originally intended to make him a viable vessel for The Creator, who'd then wipe out all life and remake the universe anew.

Instead, Grey resisted the spell through force-of-will and was pulled into the dimension of Limbo to fight him, while Gilgamesh was pulled into hell to combat Lucifer. Grey eventually gained the upper-hand against the Creator when he activated his full body rune and used it's effect against him, using the same almighty power as his enemy. With the combined force of every rune-user in the Hawke Organization, he utilized an attack capable of killing the Creator.

However, back on earth, armageddon had still occurred. Demons, angels, and humans still warred. Grey, still in possession of the Creator's might, chose to sacrifice everything he'd ever gained to prevent this. He sent his mind and Gilgamesh's back through time, losing the woman he loved as well as every friend he had gained through his ordeals, and awoke the morning after he'd received his runes. He then hunted down and killed the perpetrator of the scheme in the first place, but now he was left alone in a timeline where none of his allies existed.
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The Many Faces of a Stranger
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