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 Dark Metropolis

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 6:11 pm

Ryn listened to the plan that Cae was coming up with. Good Strategist. Like her he was aware of everything that could go wrong in a mission. It was a trait that she could admire. She glanced away from the screen to her brother as he spoke. "Yeah I can go with Cae... Surprising coming from you though." She shrugged and looked at Phaedra who nodded, knowing what her leader wanted from her. 

Ryn shook her head at Cae, "We may be a rebel group but we don't have quite enough people to cover what you want. We have the right people to cover what you need. They have the skill sets necessary to complete this mission. Phaedra can set up the monitoring system for the meeting while Sona watches the meeting. She is good at body language and lip reading if necessary. Phaedra can monitor all other communications. Finally, Apoch.... he will provide the other sniper spot..." She didn't go into Apoch so much as he was an unusual character but very much loyal to her. A genetically enhanced cyborg that was left for dead by his corporate creators. Loyal but distrustful of anyone other then Taryn and Jarrett, the ones who rescued him.

"In regards to following your lead that is fine. Unless things start putting my guys in jeopardy.", she warned him. She opened the car door and left without another word. Phaedra following suit quickly.

Ryn and Phaedra began speaking as they headed deeper into the warehouse. "I want you to gather all the necessary equipment. Also find Sona.", Ryn spoke in a friendly manner, knowing that barking orders was not necessary for her team.

"On it.", Phaedra sped up and headed through a door off to their right.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 5:35 pm

At the moment, it appeared to Cae that the mutual hostility would be pushed aside for tonight. This wasn't quite what he had in mind, but if this group of rebels managed to stay under the radar this long, they had to be useful. He cleared his throat and looked at the woman referred to as Phaedra. "Can I see the schematics?" He made no movement to grab them but rather waited for them to be handed to him. Cae prompted the laptop up, turning it so everyone had a clear view of the screen. When he was sure everyone was looking, mainly the hotheaded Jarrett, he proceeded. 

"There's three high buildings surrounding the hotel," he began and jabbed his finger toward the schematics. "If possible, we need at least two snipers on these buildings to overlook the meeting. The snipers won't focus on Mr. Quinn, but rather the surrounding area. The second thing needed is two surveillance teams, each with at least two people. The first team will be focused on the meeting, documenting what's being said, any abnormal gestures, and so forth. The second team will be monitoring the surrounding area for any radio static, any indication that Mr. Quinn has men nearby ready to move in. It's imperative that if Mr. Quinn brings his men forth, that we have the means to counter before the shit hits the fan."

Jarrett's attention was on the computer screen. He was looking at each of the buildings and once he was sure he had collected his thoughts entirely, he cleared his throat and lifted his head. "I'll take up a sniper position. It looks like there's only two ways to get into Garden Ave. I'll take the high building closest to the meeting and stand point at the main gate." He turned to his sister. "Ryn, I want you to stay with our new 'friend' here. I don't want him trying anything..."

"Not likely," Cae muttered. "If Ryn stays beside me, she must follow my lead to avoid arousing suspicion with Mr. Quinn." He let out a long breath and looked at the girl he'd saved. "Will you have enough people for this mission?"
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Oct 13, 2013 12:27 pm

Ryn sighed heavily as she listened to the two men bark at each other. She glanced at Phaedra and rolled her eyes causing her Techie to giggle. She waited for her brother to stop his interrogation. She easily drove the car towards their destination while waiting for her turn to speak.

"Jarrett! He is fine! He didn't need to help at the risk of his own life.", she spoke softly, a tone that showed her love for her brother. 

Ryn's glanced in the rearview mirror, catching Cae's attention. "I know of Mr. Quinn. I was not after Marco in particular. He is just a pawn in the ultimate scheme of things. Francis is the goal." She turned the vehicle into a large warehouse and stopped the car. 

Ryn turned around to face Cae. "I don't know your reasoning to get to Francis but you are right. We have a common goal." She glanced at Phaedra, "Get the Specs for Garden Ave, Suites and surrounding buildings." 

"Yes, Ma'am." Phaedra opened her laptop and began her search, filling the car with noise. She worked fast, making it hard to catch what was on her screen. 
Ryn turned to Cae again, "l'll help you if you want it."

Phaedra was smiling, "There!" She turned the laptop toward Ryn, showing the schematics of the Garden Ave. Suites.

Ryn settled her dark eyes onto Cae, awaiting his answer.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptyFri Oct 11, 2013 5:13 pm

The swerve of the car, the pulse of the grenade, the hostile shouts all blended with the pulsing adrenaline and rib breaking pounding of his heart. This feeling had become an old friend of his. He ignored every word in his direction up until the point the car stopped swerving and the smoldering wreckage of the limo was long behind them. "Jarrett" was sitting beside him with a look that could kill and "Ryn" was eyeballing him in the rear view mirror. Now they took careful measures? Just because he saw her face, didn't mean he had anything to go off of. She was safer letting him get shot in alley...had he been an enemy. 

He focused his eyes on the mirror, even when Ryn looked away to see the road. "Common enemy," he replied. His response was simple. Like them, he couldn't afford to go in depth about himself either. Everyone here had something to lose. However...these people and their equipment could prove beneficial. Besides, he had an important date he couldn't afford to miss and if their hostility was at a high now, he'd never make it in time. He glanced at his watch. 9:55. 

"She asked you a question," Jarrett snapped. Cae turned his head to him, his expression still. For a long moment, the two men merely stared at each other in silence before Cae returned his eyes to the mirror. 

"I can't let you keep me for long," Cae said finally. "My 'assistance' was pure coincidence. My quarrel is with Francis and the man that you were after happens to work for that bastard. I was getting off the skyrail a block away and was headed home."

Jarrett moved closer, scrutinizing Cae. "How do we know this isn't some bullshit story, huh?"

"Figured you say that..." Cae muttered. 

"What was that?" 

"Nothing..." Cae shifted in his seat and let out a long breath. "Earlier I was following a man known only as Mr. Quinn. If you're familiar with the work Francis does, you already know that Quinn's his right hand man. Due to similar personal interests, Mr. Quinn has agreed to meet me tonight at Garden Ave. Suites with information. I won't say it isn't dangerous or possible a set up, but that meeting is important nonetheless." He looked back at the mirror. "If Mr. Quinn does prove useful...then maybe he can help give you another opportunity to get your man Marco or any other information you require."

Jarrett wrinkled his nose and speculated Cae's words. "Are you asking us for your help?" 

"Yes and no. I'm suggesting you help me with this as a way to prove I have no care for whatever it is you all do," he stated. "I'm bargaining for my 'freedom', so-to-speak."

Jarrett looked at the mirror, catching his sisters gaze. "What do you think, Ryn? Think we can trust what's-his-face?"



"My name... It's Cae."

OOC: I hope I'm doing okay playing Jarrett... I didn't know if you had a set personality for him or not lol Let me know if you want me to change anything or have any tips for playing him :)
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Oct 06, 2013 12:11 am

Taryn laughed softly at the use of his false name. Definitely a smart man although a bit dumb to get caught up in her affairs. "Jessica... but who needs names when pleasure is at hand?" She spoke louder than necessary but not loud enough to set off any alarms that she was pretending. She knew if she fucked up right now then they would both be dead. Also her brother would die trying to get to her body or kill those that killed her. She wasn't positive and which would come first with her brother.

Taryn slid into the seat as he pushed her head down but quickly held her tongue at her indignation and scooted herself over so that her new "acquaintance" could get in as well. She heard the crack of window and the glass shattering from the taillight. "Shit!", she cursed as she turned to see the ground behind them lit up white. "Jarrett!", she yelled out.

The black window that separated the driver from the back rolled down, revealing a angry man. "Damnit Ryn!!", he spat as his face turned red with anger. Jarrett did not look like his sister except for the dark hair that he kept short and the eyes that glanced in the rearview mirror as he drove off. "I told you it was a bad idea." It took a moment before he realized there was someone next to Taryn. "Who the hell are you?!", he yelled as he slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to a full stop.

Taryn barely caught herself before she was tossed forward due to her momentum. "Fuck! Don't worry about him for now. Get to the checkpoint. We need to blow this Limo. Phaedra's tech is here.", she ordered her brother. When he didn't respond immediately she yelled, "Jarrett!! Now!!!"

Jarrett took off and sped around the corner, heading farther and farther away. Phaedra was sitting next to the window to the driver, completely immersed in her computer that sat on her lap. "Ryn... I think we may have caught something on the bug. You may not have heard it but when he was talking with someone else... I have to work on it..."

"Just save it and shut the comp down and get ready to run.", she ordered. She knew that Phaedra could get lost while doing anything on her computer. It was amazing that she spoke at all. "When we get back then you can work on it alright?"

"Okay...",  Phaedra's voice sounded upset.

Taryn looked out the window and saw their other car under one of the many highways. "Alright.... You are coming with us... Until I know I can trust you." She gave an order to Cae despite her having no authority over him. She was not about to risk her team because he tells someone else about them. The Limo slowed and came to a full stop a second later. With speed that defied his large size Jarrett was out of the car and next to their door. "Ryn, Phaedra and new guy let's go." In his hand was a grenade to which he pulled the pin as they climbed out of the limo. He tossed it in as the ran to the other car. Jarrett ran right behind Cae making sure he did not flee.

Ryn opened the driver's door with the key and unlocked the rest just as the grenade went off. The explosion made the car jump and engulfed in flames in a matter of a second. Jarrett opned the back door and pushed Cae inside. "Jarrett. You don't have to be mean. He did save me from being raped after all." She brought the car to life and sped out after everyone was in. She glanced in her mirror at Cae. "What's your real name? Why did you help me back there?", she asked.

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 8:48 pm

“Color me intrigued…” he muttered, watching her hips sway. Her eyes were focused dangerously on him despite her seductive allure. That’s all it took for Cae to catch on. He forced his shoulders to relax, allowing his button up to loosen over his broad chest. “Here I thought courtesy was lost in this town,” he said in a tone matching velvet. “I’m interested to see what you have to offer in thanks…? I’m sorry, I don’t think I caught your name… Mines Charles.” He gave her a playful smirk, as if to silently indicate his lie. False names would buy time if they were listening in. Nothing would come up under the alias’.
When the limo pulled up, Cae couldn’t help but show his surprise. “A limo? You must be better off than I thought,” he said through a chuckle. “Bet you have a nice place too…” The ruse was working, the sniper had yet to shoot at either of them. But for how long? They had mere minutes before Francis’ men came flocking.
As they approached the limo, Cae stepped forward and opened the door. “Ladies first.” He wasted no time getting in after her and just seconds after shutting the door, he pushed her head down and sunk low in his seat.
The first bullet grazed the back window, cracking it. The second bullet took out the left tail light.
“Just as I thought,” he said, taking his hand off the woman’s head. “The intention wasn’t to kill us, just track the vehicle. They’ll be looking for this limo and with a broken window and light, it’ll take no time at all. “You got a back up vehicle?”
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 10:25 pm

"Not so fast."

Taryn stopped walking but kept her back to him, wary of what he wanted. In this hellhole that they called home, people only helped if they planned on getting repaid. From women, it was usually only one thing that was asked for and most of the time taken.

His next statement caused her lips to turn slightly upwards. This man was observant. More so than any typical person or thug. Like her, he picked up on small details that would escape the normal man. She turned at the words that followed, a calm face hiding her concern at his statement. What he said made sense in combination with her Intel of Francis. He was known to be careful, very careful. 

Taryn made no move to look where he indicated right away. Instead, she faked like she was fixing her hair. She risked a quick glance and was greeted by the well known gleam of a scope. She felt her heart skip a beat. She should have listened to her damn intuition when it told her things were going wrong. 

Taryn features twitched for a moment before her calm took over. "I can't do that. l need him.", she kept her volume low but just enough so he could hear her. "Fuck!" Her team was still not in contact and she knew her brother was taking it out on them. 

If she didn't get Marco tonight then it would be unlikely that she would get another chance. It took a lot of time for them to set this up and it went sideways way too quickly. Marco was the one weak link she had located and now he lay in the dirty alley along with her original hopes. 

"Ryn!", a voice yelled on her ear. 

Taryn smiled slightly, "In the alley! Come get me." She locked eyes with the man once again. "I have an idea. Why don't you come and spend the night with me?", she spoke louder hoping the snipers would hear her offering her "Hero" a special reward for helping her. She walked to him, hips swaying seductively and her tongue caressing her lips in a manner that could only suggest one thing. When she was within a foot of him she moved her hand to his chest, slowly running it across as she circled him. She linked their arms together just as a blacked out Limo appeared at the entrance of the alley. 

Taryn hoped that he would pay along. He helped her So it was only right to make sure he didn't die for her mistake. She urged him forward, "Come on!"

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 8:24 pm

"Not so fast," Cae stated, his tone insistent. He looked down at the man, watching the thin trail of nosebleed mix with a puddle of gasoline. The rainbow hue glowed beneath the grimy moonlight, reminding Cae of the times he was a child, of the times his sister was alive to enjoy even the smallest pieces of beauty still left in this world. But now wasn't the time for reminiscence. He turned back to the woman.

Cae didn't make it a habit to extend any offers to strangers, especially when their role in this twisted world was so unknown. Everything about this woman didn't scream normal. The way she held herself for instance. She wasn't buzzed off cheap alcohol or relaxed, but stiff and all to coherent for having been having a night out on the town at one of the slums most popular nightclubs around. 

"Something tells me you're not just a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time." He took another disgusted glance at the unconscious bastard before turning to look at the mouth of the ally. It wasn't uncommon for hookers to bring their cheaper clients into the filth strewn alleys, making sensitive information travel to all the wrong ears. When he was certain they were alone, he returned his eyes to the woman and continued. "The way you hold yourself gives your position away," he said slowly. "I'm not looking to fight or lead you astray from whatever you're doing...but considering this man works for Francis, this alley is about to be flooded with more assholes than either of us could handle alone."

And he was right. Francis kept a close watch over his men to ensure any delicate information stayed confined to the lips of his deranged henchmen. There was always someone close by to take a man out before they ever had a chance to reach interrogation. Cae's guess now was that they were both being watched through a sniper's scope and one wrong move would ultimately result in someone dying. As to who...well, he wasn't much interested in finding out. 

"Your best chance was getting him drunk and making him take you back to his place and have whoever's watching your back follow," Cae stated. "I know this is a lot to ask, but if you don't want to get a bullet to the brain, you're going to have to trust me." He locked eyes with her, keeping contact before darting his eyes to the left three times, motioning for her to look, but remain discreet. 

Opposite of the alley was a slight gleam of a sniper barrel. Someone was definitely watching them. Any suspicious or sudden movements would result in gunfire. 

"If you try and take that man, you'll be shot at. There could be snippers plastered all around this place, watching us. Are you in contact with someone inside a vehicle?" he inquired. "Best chance is having them drive up and pick you up, leaving this man behind."
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Sep 22, 2013 2:25 am

Dark Metropolis Guns2010

From outside, the metropolis looked like a shining city of hope and prosperity. Towering skyscrapers pierced the dark clouds that hung low across the city. Lights danced between windows giving the illusion of riches and power. Electronic billboards promising the latest in technology, cosmetic enhancements, or the hottest movie lit up the city. Everything seemed as it should. The whispered promises of this grand city outdid the harsh warnings. Yet unknown to the people that sought shelter within the beautiful metal city, it was far from what their dreams were made of. Dream jobs turned into careers of hell. Dreams of power turned to delusions. The city twisted what the people once were to something they would have never imagined.

Crime ruled the underbelly of the large metro while Corporations ruled those that greedily lined their pockets. Law and order was a twisted web of regulations and rules that only help the multi-billion dollar corporations and the filthy rich. In return the poor were left with no hope of safety or justice. Crime was seen everyday, around every corner, becoming a living, breathing entity of its own. 

A cesspool of filth and derangement. Due to this a rebellion had formed.


Lightning pierced the dark clouds above followed by a earthshaking crack of Thunder. Within a couple seconds, rain was splattering down in sheets. People scurried to open doorways, cars or the sky rail. Most fled from the rain but one figure only looked skywards. Shrouded in a dark jacket, it was hard to tell if who the person was. After a few moments, a few more figures joined the lone one then another figure and another until seven people stood silently in the rain.

"Taryn... This isn't a good plan.", a baritone voice rose gost over the noise of the rain.

The first figure turned slowly to face the speaker. Lightning let the sky and the face of the figure. A woman with dark piercing eyes wore a simple smile on her face. "Jarrett, You know damn well that I am the only one who can get close enough to Marco. Francis Van Harding needs to be dealt with and be held accountable for his crimes. Marco is the first step to making sure our goal is accomplished." 

"Let me take care of it.", spoke Jarrett, concern and worry changing his deep tone.

Taryn shook her head, "You may be the muscle Brother but our Intel tells us that Marco likes slim brunettes with a little altitude. I know how to take care of myself. Now that is enough discussion." Her tone had turned authorative as she turned to a small blonde woman, "Phaedra, are the bugs working?"

"Yes Ma'am. As long as we are within range then there is no issue."

"Good. Let's get the car ready and head over to The Sphynx. Marco should be there within the hour." Taryn walked from the group who continued discussing the details of their mission while she got ready. The meeting in the rain was planned so none could hear them as no one liked to be in the pounding rain. 


The Sphynx was one of top clubs within the Slums and it was a Known hangout for criminals. The place was beautifully decorated in Egyptian styles manly using gold and neutral colors with a few well placed Egyptian relics. Taryn was already inside and seated at the bar dweothf across from Marco who was already checking her out. Her short hair curled outwards at the ends and she wore a simple black dress that stopped mid thigh and accented with silver heels, bracelets and necklace. Simple elegance but eye catching nonetheless.

After a few moments, Marco was at her side buying her a drink. The night went as planned. Taryn gave enough attitude and flirted just enough to keep his interest. She could tell he was already planning on taking her home and doing whatever he wanted to her. It amused her as he had no idea that she was paying him. 

It was closing in on three in the morning when she announced that she would be going home. Marco's eyes lit up and he offered to take her. She graciously accepted as he continued to fall into her web of lies and deceit. 

As she was heading for the front door he stopped her, "Let's head out the back. I have a car waiting to take you home."

Taryn looked at him with hesitation. If she did that then she would be out of range from her team. It was risky but she couldn't mess up her mission. "Alright.", she spoke calmly. She followed him through the club to the exit where she began to get a bad feeling. Something bad was going to happen. As the feeling got stronger so did her fight or flight response. It was too late though, she was already in the alley. "Marco... I don't see A Car...", fear touching her voice slightly.

Marco turned to face her quickly, a smirk dancing on his lips. He grabbed her arm roughly and slammed her against the wall. "We are going to have a little fun.", his voice had a almost animalistic growl to it.

"Fuck you!", she spat as she struggled against him. Things had gone downhill terribly fast and her team had no idea. 

"Now don't be that way. You led me to this all right long."

"Get off me!", she yelled at she swung as hard as she could. She connected with his nose causing him to drop to the ground, blood spurting from his nose almost comically. She heard feet pounding pavement but was to worried about the pissed off Marco to look away. It was a mere second later she saw a fist connect with Marco's head, knocking him out cold almost instantly. 

Taryn's eyes moved upward to meet the eyes of the stranger. It took a second for her to answer as she was stunned that anyone jn this god forsaken hellhole would help her. Normally, people kept walking if they saw something like that. "Actually I think he got my signals mixed up.", she spoke carefully, making sure she didn't reveal anything at all. 

Taryn sighed and rubbed the hand she had hit Marco with. She had failed her mission. She looked down at Marco before returning her attention to the man who helped her. "It's a cruel world out here. You got to know how to protect yourself. Thank you but I must be going.", she had to find a way to get away from this man and get the team to pick up Marco. It was the only chance to save the mission. Plus Marco knew what she looked like. That could cause trouble later on. It would just be better to take him now and let Jarrett interrogate him. 

Taryn headed toward the street, heels clicking on the pavement and echoing off the walls. She had to get back to the front of the club to regain contact.

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PostSubject: Dark Metropolis   Dark Metropolis EmptySun Sep 15, 2013 3:08 pm

Dark Metropolis Cae10

The Dark Metropolis is what people called this place when no one was around.  It was meant to supply the world's greatest advances in technology, to become a beacon of change and prosperity. Yet in metal clad buildings that pierced through the smog, it became a nightmare as corporate markets dominated the economy.  The law had become a carefully constructed web that ran to the highest, most reputable companies, to the deepest slums lurking in the waste. The latest trends glowed on holographic billboards and automated commercials displayed on beautifully integrated monitors on their respected manufacturers buildings. Anything from the latest technology or a physical altering procedure, something always flashed across those screens. The CEO's catered to the respected and privileged...while the slums gave to the highest bidder. Privacy and no questions asked, no records or embarrassment. Just a shady street corner and a wad of cash.
As for law and government...controlled. Used as personal protection in the assets of the CEO corporations, as body guards for the rich, and a meager crackdown on the slumlords pillaging precious merchandise.  It was life bordering on anarchy.
So why was the city where a person could obtain anything, be anything, considered so dark?
Without rules, danger lurked on every corner. Without authority, criminals ran through the slums without fear, free to distribute drugs, stolen goods, and leave the dirt in the gutters. Without moral, a body in a ditch was just a body, no presence or respect of the person they once were. It was all just an oozing cesspool of sin.
And who was the blame?
Hard to say. Was it the large corporations? The people who first invented the technology? Perhaps the citizens for buying the latest trends?
Perhaps everyone.
 Dark Metropolis Dark_c10
Thunder cracked right before the first spray of rain hit the metal roof overlapping the west skyrail station. For a moment, everyone at the station froze and looked up to the sky. Rain wasn't unusual during August, but it didn't cease to startle people the moment it began. The metal buildings seemed to heighten the sound to deafening proportions each time. As the skyrail approached with a screech, the crowd unfroze and moved forward. All but one.
The PD chimed overhead. "It is eight o'clock P.M. If you are headed south, please board now and present your ticket to the attendant. Thank you for choosing the skyrail services and have a great evening." The same message, the same voice, no matter which station you boarded.
As the crowd gathered toward the attendants, a man standing off to the side watched intently as each person began holding their tickets out to be scanned. He was looking for someone in particular, a young man whose reputation as drug lord lapdog succeeded him. His boss, Francis Van Harding manufactured the cheapest cocaine and distributed it to the desperate at the highest marked price. His reach in society was seemingly endless, having a hand in drugs, black marketing, and even a buy in with some of the city's highest paid CEO's of the latest biotic trends.
To the man standing off to the side, Francis wasn't even close to being the worst piece of shit out there. His anger and disgust with the man came at a much more personal level when his cheap cocaine got into the main water supply, killing a dozen innocent people through 'accidental' overdose. Among the victims: his younger sister. Francis was close to being taken over by a neighboring drug lord for selling on his turf. To protect himself, he had every bag of cocaine ever made by his filthy hands thrown into the water to be dissolved and moving to an unaffected part of the city, leaving people to fall victim to his poison.
After the incident, it took months for Francis to return to his old haunt and start cooking again. With Francis, returned the man he was tracking now, Mr. Quinn, is what the slums called him. Anything else about him was a mystery. Almost. His nightly habits were certainly no mystery to the man on the side.
When the first wave of people passed through the gate, another section began and standing at the beginning of this new line was Mr. Quinn. He was dressed in his usual tailored suit on his way back to the slums to his usual haunt; a sleazy strip joint to see his favorite girl dance for him. Every night at eight-thirty.
He joined the back of the line, removing a crumpled skyrail ticket from his pocket. Not even for an instant did he remove his gaze from Mr. Quinn, even as the attendant greeted him.
"Hello, Mr. Cae," the woman chirped, taking his ticket. Her scanner made a sharp beep, accepting the barcode. "You may proceed."
Providing a slight nod as to avoid arousing suspicion,  Cae entered the gate. At any cost, he couldn't lose sight of his target. It was the only solid lead he had to getting to Francis and exacting a courteous revenge. He had to be quiet about the entire operation. If the police caught wind of the great Francis being killed, undoubtedly they would lengthen their patrols and become more vicious, potentially sparking a war in the slums. Quiet and 'accident' of sorts. It would be hard to pull off, almost impossible. Yet somewhere in Cae's mind he believed himself smart enough to conceive such a heinous crime. Was he any better than Francis himself? He was risking starting a war for his own personal vendetta. He couldn't possibly be any better at this point.
He had come this far, why not finish it?
Cae boarded and found Mr. Quinn sitting at a window seat closest to the door. Without lollygagging, he proceeded to the seat behind the stocky man and faced the opposite direction. Neither one of them had a look of appeal, and the other passengers knew it. People instinctively filtered in to the opposite side, leaving a large space between them and the two men. It was perfect in Cae's eyes. He needed the privacy to approach Mr. Quinn. The man undoubtedly knew he was being followed by now. A man with his life didn't go that long without developing some sort of smarts.
Beside Cae was the morning edition of the paper. He picked it up and unfolded it, raising it so that it shielded his face the passengers he was facing.
"Why are you following me?" Mr. Quinn spoke. For a moment, the sound took Cae off guard and he hesitated. Stupid mistake. "Did you not realize I knew of your presence?" the man continued. Cae could hear the smile in his voice.
"So you knew I've been following you," Cae finally murmured. "Do you know why?"
Mr. Quinn shifted in his seat, turning his head to look out the rain sleeked window. In the distance the city lights sparkled like stars, fading in another stream of lightning. The skyrail began to move, picking up speed by the second until the city was well beneath them now.
"Well," he began, "for the same reason everyone else tries to approach me." He crossed his legs folded his hands, relaxing into the seat. "Everyone always thinks that the flunky is the best way to the boss. Do you know how many have attempted the same feat as you? Dozens. What do you think makes you different, qualified to break the barrier and get one up on me?"
Cae smiled. Typical arrogance. "No else accounted for all the players," he answered simply.
"All the players?"
"People attack you head on, not bothering to see those that surround you. The woman sitting five seats away with dark hair, she's a body guard of yours, a trained assassin. The man in the back is in charge of taking over the skyrail and diverting his course if something goes wrong and he will then take the fall. The woman that checked our tickets is a woman you paid to take down any names of anyone you find suspicious so that you can spot them easily."
"You're smart," Mr. Quinn said thickly. He ground his teeth together. How had this man known all this? No one knew. Not even Francis.
"I have no intention of confronting you physically," Cae stated. He turned the page of the newspaper.
"So why present yourself? Why place yourself at risk?"
"Because I know you loathe Francis as much as any other person, perhaps more." Cae peeked over the newspaper and took a long look at the other passengers. The assassin was looking at him, her hand reaching up her sleeve. She was at the realization that something was amiss. Yet she made no move until Mr. Quinn wished it.
Mr. Quinn cleared his throat and uncrossed his legs. He was becoming aggravated, nervous. "Why would I despise the man that gave me everything?"
"Don't act tough. Materialistic items are worth nothing compared to the life of your son."
It felt as though the entire skyrail froze and Mr. Quinn was clearly shaken.
"How did..."
"My younger sister went to the same high school as your son. They were dating and your son shared some rather interesting details about his father's line of work. My sister told me everything your son told her, which is how I know about your boss, Francis, and the things he's done. My sister and your son were together when the drugs tainted the water supply. You weren't able to tell your son before he drank the water and he to became a victim. You never wanted to seek revenge outright knowing you would fail. So this entire time you've been biding your time, looking for the perfect opportunity to take Francis down."
“Your sister… Her name was Tara, wasn’t it? My son spoke a great deal about her,” Mr. Quinn said softly. “She was very bright.”
“She was studying to be a botanist. Yet she was taken away, just like your son was.” Cae put the newspaper down just as the skyrail began to slow.
“Now arriving at the south skyrail station. Please gather your belongings and proceed to the nearest gate and have a wonderful evening.”
He waited until nearly every passenger has left before standing and passing Mr. Quinn, pausing to look at him. “I can help you take him down without creating a war in the slums. Meet me at the Garden Ave. Suits tonight at midnight.” He dismissed himself quietly and exited the skyrail, finding himself back in the familiar stench of the slums.
The crowd at the south skyrail station was busier than usual with people trying to get out. Recently on the news it had stated that more of Francis’ men had been taking over the slums, leaving several people out of their homes or forced to do some dirty work just to stay alive. He couldn’t blame the urgency some of these people had to get out. They either owed Francis something or they were to close to someone who did.
Francis was far from being the biggest criminal, but the fact that he was making a stand in an attempt to further his criminal career had a lot of people running scared. These abrasive actions to claim more territory in the slums wouldn’t go unnoticed by the real kings of crime and shit would start hitting the fan soon. Francis was good for drugs and nothing more. Unfortunately, if Francis gets killed, fingers start flying and all the other crime lords start thinking that someone’s trying to pick them off on a power trip and everyone becomes even more defensive. But say Francis dies seemingly by accident or by ‘natural’ causes, he simply had it coming and everything goes back to normal.
The sad part was, a single man on a power trip was turning around the balance inside the slums. Sure a lot of the crime lords looked to extended their territory, but not at the cost of starting a war. No one profited from the fighting, but rather relied on the twisted partnerships. After all, it was all about the money. Fighting and killing didn’t earn them shit and they knew it. So how did Francis not get the memo on that one?
Sighing, Cae pushed his thoughts aside. He was letting his mind get overworked again. He knew Mr. Quinn wanted revenge on his boss, but he didn’t know how much he’d place himself at risk by showing up tonight. For all Cae knew, his only chance at obtaining the temporary trust of one of Francis’ loyal dogs would sink in the mud. More than reputation was at stake tonight.
“Get off!”
Cae froze. The sharp ring of a woman’s voice rang through the night air, followed by the growl of a man. That didn’t sound promising. He jogged to the end of the street and rounded the corner in time to see a young woman slug a man right in the nose. The man fell to the ground and turned toward her in anger, blood shooting from his nostrils. It was one of Francis’ thugs. Cae shot forward as the man struggled to get up and when he got close enough, he slammed his fist into the side of his head, knocking him out cold.
The man went limp and for a moment Cae just looked at him. “Must have done something to have one of Francis’ flunky’s giving you a hard time,” he said to the woman, turning to her. “I’m guessing you’re alright judging from your iron fist there…”
Dark Metropolis Anime_10 
OOC: Need someone to be the female. She could have either been a random victim of Francis’ thug or could have been getting information for whatever reason. It’s entirely up to you :)
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