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 Smoke and Steam (Mature/Private)

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PostSubject: Smoke and Steam (Mature/Private)   Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:03 am

(I only have the sketch done, i'll update the picture once i've got the linework how I want it.)

"I have to say Ms.Embers, your resume is quite impressive."

Hordes of people ran as a single girl walked down the middle of the street. Cars swerved to avoid getting in her immediate vicinity. The girl smirked behind her gas mask at this reaction, for she knew why they all ran in fear from her.

"I see you graduated top of your class with several majors... And at such a young age! Impressive!"

She stopped her stride at the sight of the incoming man, the main reason this entire city hadn't burned down to the ground yet. She glared at him behind her goggles and prepared for battle. With the raise of her hand, the entire mechanical army armed themselves. The flying bots prepared their guns, the giant automaton machine clenched its fists and flashed its blades, the mecha dogs extended their claws.

"You seemed to have forgotten to fill in something?"


"You forgot to fill in a question. What is your goal for the future?"

"Burn it, burn it all to the ground and destroy anyone who stops you."

"Would it be cheesy for me to say it would be to enrich the world with my inventing talents?"

The woman before her smiled and said,"Not at all. My, my! I doubt we can pass up someone like you. Its a wonder that your not already working with a company already!" At this Nataline Embers smiled and said,"I had worked for someplace before, but they couldn't... Appreciate my talents."

Nataline Embers is someone whom you may call an 'anti-hero'. One whom was what most would call 'prematurely brilliant'. When she wore her gas mask and shaded goggles, everyone ran. For they knew that death and destruction awaited any who weren't smart enough to run. Her one and only goal was to burn the world in fire. To rid the world of the filth that inhabited the land. Destroy the stains of humanity. Yet one thing stood between her and world conquest.

The woman stood up and said,"Well, there is no way that we're going to let a talent such as yours go to waste. Welcome to our company! Our companies owner has been searching someone qualified enough to work in the lab with him." At this Nataline smiled and asked as she followed the woman,

"Your owner works with his employee's? That certainly is a very different from most others."

The hiring manager giggled and said,"Of course, he's a very special person just like you. I'm sure you'll be just as excited to see him as he is to finally find someone as talented as you to assist him."


They walked through a door and the woman happily said,"We've finally found you an assistant!"

Standing before her was the reason for her failures. The damned beloved hero of this forsaken city and world. She kept on a convincing smile while inside her true self was growling as she thought,'You...'

For what seemed like the hundredth time she fell among her broken and beaten creations. Looking out to the battle field, both the area and her inventions were wrecked. Growling she looked back to see the hero approaching her through the smoke. She forced herself up and shouted,"This isn't over hero! Not by a long shot! Just you wait! Someday I will reach high enough and I will see you crumble. Then this world will burn!" With that she hastily made a retreat. Using her fallen automaton as a ladder to reach the train before grabbing hold and speeding off.

She was sure that he wouldn't see through her disguise. Her hair was pulled back in a tight bun, clean, free from any smells of fire, and she wore a professional suit with tie to complete the look. While during their battles he saw her covered in soot and sweat. Her hair flared out behind her, and she had on her goggles and mask.

Nataline clapped her hands together in false excitement and said,"Oh my! I never thought i'd ever even be considered worthy to work with the hero himself!"

The woman handed the hero Nataline's resume. It was an almost complete record of her logical and mechanical mind. It had countless legitimate school records and jobs that she had done on the side. Something she didn't have to pull out again if her damn assistant had been able to pull off a heist properly.

Nataline walked over as three trucks pulled in. She tapped her foot on the ground as she watched some hired men hurry and pull out a trunk from each of the cars. Dibbs, her assistant, opened them and smiled as he said,"Would this be enough?"

She clapped her hands and before her eyes she watched as her predictions were proven right. She growled and slapped Dibbs as she yelled,"Dibbs, you idiot! No wonder the hero wasn't hot on your tail! Damn it!" At this her assistant was confused so she smacked him again and pointed to the hired men and said,"Why the hell are they here? This was just supposed to be done by you alone with the machines. You hired some goddamn men who can't keep a secret worth shit! The hero knew we were going to hit the bank. You worthless piece of-"

With a simple flick she light three matches and tossed them into the trunks. As the entire loot was engulfed in flames, she then growled out with two machine guns pointing at the hired men,"All of the bills were marked. They're completely useless to us. The black market wont take them." For the hired men it was a death sentence. Dibbs bowed apologetically as he watched the men get mowed down by Nataline.
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Smoke and Steam (Mature/Private)
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