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 Hostage (Open, M)

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PostSubject: Hostage (Open, M)   Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:37 am

Luella Wilson, an average college student, attending the university for Graphic Design and Game Design. She had only just started her sophomore year and had been enjoying her classes immensely. She was excelling, surpassing a great portion of her peers, and was making friends from all different lifestyles. College was very enlightening. It opened her mind to new thoughts and ideas. It exposed her to other individuals from different places and expanded her world. It challenged her ability to achieve goals. It expanded her knowledge base and gave her more confidence. Through all her hard work, she achieved high scores and that began to doors for her to walk into.

Luella was making her way through the campus, heading toward her English class, when an older man stopped her, "Luella? Luella Wilson?"

Luella looked at the older gentleman confused, "Yes, who are you?" She didn't like people she had never met knowing her name, it was rather disconcerting. She felt like if they knew her name then they had been watching her.

"My name is Gregory Matthew. I am the owner of.."

" The largest gaming company, Future Inc. Yes, I know who you are!", she interrupted. "I am sorry that was rude. May I ask how you know me?"

Mr. Matthews smiled, "I came here looking for testers for a new game that were already gamers and interested in the field. I heard that you are in the top five of your classes and that you are the top female. I wish to invite you for a test of a new console this weekend?"

Luella looked at him confused, "You came all this way to ask me to test a game?"

Mr. Matthews laughed, "Of course not. The console was developed in this city and so we came to the college before taking it to headquarters."

Luella shook her head slightly, "This seems out of the ordinary Sir."

"It is actually but the developer wanted to use normal people for testing it out."

"What will I be testing?"

"A role playing game. I won't say anymore until you get to the meeting with the others.", the man smiled. He opened his suit jacket and pulled an envelope from the inside. "Here is your invitation. Don't be late." With that the owner of the largest video game company left her alone and walked briskly to an expensive car that was waiting for him.

Luella sighed and opened the letter given to her.

Luella Wilson,

We are excited to be testing a new console that will bring a change to how everyone games. Please come test this new system with others like you.

Gregory Matthews

Luella stuffed the letter in her book bag and headed back to her dorm.

~~~~~Friday Evening~~~~~

Luella stood in front of a plain looking office building and walked in after a few others did so. She stood among the small group of people just inside the door and began to wait. After a few moments a few men, who obviously never let their parents and had no social life, began staring at her. She shot them dirty looks and they quickly looked away. She adjusted her black skirt that and pink tank top. She tried to hide her legs and any extra skin but failed and dropped her hands to the side. After a few moments of waiting Gregory Matthews stood before them.

"Good Afternoon Everyone. I am excited that all of you could make it."

"Most of them have nothing else better to do with their lives anyway.", she murmured, barely audible to the people around her since she was at the back of the group.

"We are happy to announce Five Senses Reality. A fully comprehensive virtual reality that stimulates not only sight and hearing but taste, touch and smell as well. The game we have chosen is a role playing game very much like Elder Scrolls. Now you will be the first testers outside the developer so this is an excellent opportunity. Your name will be called and we will get you all set up in your own room.", Gregory smiled and left the room. It didn't seem like he was staying.

"At least I won't be stared at as much.", she spoke in an exasperated whisper when she caught the men from before staring at her.  She moved to the wall and leaned against it, watching everyone talk excitedly about the game.

OOC: The basis of this is that the console has a few problems. First no one can get out of their own accord and no one knows why. I need a male and it can be anyone such as a tester or even the developer himself. I would like someone with a knowledge of the Elder Scrolls as I will be using that as a basis for the game they test. Also please no less than three paragraphs each post...

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Hostage (Open, M)
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