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 The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature)

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The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature) Empty
PostSubject: The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature)   The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature) EmptyWed Oct 16, 2013 2:52 pm

The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature) Doggirl

For years the Inu race had captured young Nekos and traded and sold them for slavery and evil acts of injustice. Sasha had been raised in a family that used Nekos for yard work, cooking, cleaning, and even pup sitting when her parents were gone. There was one Neko that had become her best friend at a young age, but her father sold it to a human in another state. Sasha was so depressed, she promised herself she would never "own" a Neko, but instead she would save them. Sasha grew into a beautiful teenage Inu with many skills of hand to hand and other types of weaponry. She was wise and witty for the young age of sixteen. She was very knowledgeable on the whereabouts of the captured felines. They had most recently changed the law from all Nekos to now just the younger ones.

One night Sasha set out on her own to rescue as many as she could. She saddled her stead and then set off into the night. She approached the back of the camp quietly and jumped off the stead. She slapped the rump, sending the horse to hide. She grabbed her dagger and held it tight in her hands. She saw a cage that had a bunch of Nekos in it. She walked over to the cage, analyzed the lock and tried to calm the whining Nekos. They feared her and hissed evilly at her. But she still managed to open the cage. The Nekos scattered once the gate was open. None of them thanked Sasha, but that wasn't the point of her mission. She was about to go back home, when she heard a quite mew from the corner. There were two guards standing close to her cage. Sasha eyes them both, sizing them up and down before making her move. She quickly took one out in a sleeper hold and gagged the other before he could cry for help. She tossed a blanket over the both of them after they had been hog tied and then walked over to the little cage with the little Neko. "Poor thing," she said as she picked the lock. The Neko looked scared and also had an injury on her arm. Sasha became very mad. She pulled the Neko out of the cage and ran to the woods. She whistled for her stead and then hopped on it with the little cat. They rode back home. When they arrived at the house, Sasha snuck her into her bedroom and started fixing up her injury. "Are you alright, Neko?" She gave her a warming smile, trying to prove she was help and not harm.
((Your character has to be a Neko. She can be timid or aggressive doesn't matter... She can fear Sasha or adore her for saving her...))
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The Just Thing To Do (Open/Mature)
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