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 Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open)

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Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open) Empty
PostSubject: Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open)   Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open) EmptyWed Oct 16, 2013 3:09 pm

Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open) Van_helsing2
The forest was still and quiet. The trees shaded the ground from the beating sun. The wolves had lived in the forests for centuries, hiding from the eyes of the cold ones. Many times they had been caught and used as slaves for labor and many other unthinkable acts. Keegan's family was no different. They roamed the forest, having many dens to hide from the blood-sucking freaks. Keegan was trained from a pup, that they were bad and would only cause harm to him.

One day they came. Keegan was separated from his family, fleeing for his life. He raced up a familiar cliff and looked over the edge to the jagged rocks below. He let out a loud and angry howl to try and shake his followers, but it was useless. He stood with his back to the edge and bared his massive white fangs. If he was going to go down, it would not be without a fight. One vampire approached from the left while another approached from the right. He snapped his jaws at both of them and was soon charged by about four other vampires. The ones at his sides were distractions. As Keegan was brought down to the ground, he felt a sharp pain in his neck and moments later, his eyes grew heavy. His breathing slowed and he slipped into a deep sleep.

When he woke up, he found himself trapped in a cage of iron bars. He snarled and then wrapped his ivory teeth around the bars, trying to gnaw them, but it was no use. He grabbed them with his hands and pulled as hard as he could, but that also failed. Tired and frustrated, he turned to his weaker more vulnerable state of a human. He sat in the corner and dreamed of his family, wishing they did not share the same fate as he found himself in. He looked around the dark room and let out a whimper.

Soon he was not alone. A large door opened and light flooded into the room, blinding Keegan. He heard two sets of voices, but they in a different language than he knew. They lifted the cage, which freaked out Keegan, turning him to his canine state and growled viciously. His attempts were ignored and he was still being carried. When his eyes finally adjusted to the light, he looked around the room of five vampires smiling down at him. He snarled and they laughed. He barked and their laughter grew. He lunged at the bars, but was then shrouded in darkness as a blanket was rested on top. Then the cage was once again lifted and carried to another location.

When the cloth was pulled away, Keegan found himself before the eyes of over one hundred vampires. He was for sale. He would now be a slave.

"Ladies and gentleman! I give you the werewolf of the woods! It took ten vampires to bring him down! He is very strong and aggressive! Start the bidding now!"

((Ok, so your character needs to be rich and a vampire. You will buy Keegan and then decide how you will treat him. It may be for labor or for other affairs that would occur in bed. Keegan is very strong willed, so you must be rough with him, unless you plan on making him fall in love with you.))
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Bittersweet Obsession (Mature/Open)
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