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 The New and The Old (OPEN)

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The New and The Old (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: The New and The Old (OPEN)   The New and The Old (OPEN) EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 11:30 pm

The New and The Old (OPEN) Tumblr_me5zx2khPh1rjk0s9o1_500

The war was upon them. Screams for help echoed throughout the cold city, the fire blazed fiercely in the night. The dwarves ran for their lives, taking every child they could into their own protection from the horror. They were losing their homes, and there was nothing that could stop it. The dwarves that could not escape, lost their lives and the streets were painted with their blood. No warrior was strong enough, no blade was sharp enough, no cry was loud enough. The fog soon settled into town as the creatures of the night fought their way through, taking every weapon, taking every piece of food, and every piece of clothing that they could find as they watched the dwarves escape. That did not matter, what mattered was that the Orcs had a new home that they destroyed to mark their territory; making it bigger and bigger over a few months. It was becoming a problem and it needed to be stopped. A man with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes stood above all of them; they called him their king... 

It was probably four hundred years later that the elves moved across the lake to a new set of land property. A tall man with dark brown hair and bright blue eyes took over his father's spot as king. He was the oldest out of the siblings and always had a thing for getting revenge; he was driven by hate and anger for the most part. Having two younger siblings was quite the chore, he hated to look after them but he cared a lot though he would not admit it. The elf's built a new kingdom, on the hill of a beautiful meadow. It was the most beautiful work that was in the area, it was filled with tall buildings, lots of trees and plants, traditional pieces that stood out from everything else, hand crafted weapons and much more. It was peaceful, and Thorin really liked the place that his people created but something was missing from his life. His parents. Sure, he had his siblings but nothing could ever take the place of his parents. Not now, not ever. 

Quietly he walked along the path that led to the river, to his right side was his younger sibling; Tauriel. Yes, he had to admit that she was quite beautiful. A rare gem to say the least. She took the look of their mother, and acted like it too sometimes which he got annoyed with but he always shrugged it off. He was not one to take orders from anyone. It was a quiet day, like usual but he wanted to make sure that his younger siblings were better off when he was not going to be around. Sure, he had something set up for his younger brother but Tauriel was a completely different story all together. She was a strong headed one, bossy and yet so gentle and caring when she wanted to be. She liked to handle weapons instead of staying in the house and making food. Only problem was, she needed to be married and yet she did not take a liking to anyone in the kingdom or outside of the kingdom... not yet anyways. Thorin needed to come up with something quick, he would be soon leaving for a bit and because Tauriel was next in line for the throne, he would pass it to her while he made more deals and more cities for the greater good.

"Dearest sister, how are you today?"
"I'm well my brother. Nothing new to report so don't try to be sticking your nose where it don't belong." The words were a bit cold as she walked beside him with her hands at her side. Though something soon caught their attention; the sound of the horn. It was not a war horn, but more of a horn that told the king; Thorin, that they had guests and he should be seeing to them because the guards were more or less confused on what to do with them. 
"Shall we?" 
"Yes. Lead the way Thorin" 

It did not take them long to get back into the kingdom, in fact they took some short cuts that led them to the throne room where they took note on two people kneeling before the throne with five or six guards circled around them. When the guards noticed Thorin and Tauriel enter the room, they gave them both a bow to show respect. "Sir, we found these people trespassing on your land. They have not told us anything, and they won't. Though, maybe they will answer to you my lord." One guard spoke up as the others glanced at Thorin, hoping he would deal with the trespassers in his own way. 

The king frowned slightly as he stood in front of the throne and stared at the two people. It was a strange thing to have people on his land that were not invited as many knew not to trespass; not wanting to deal with his wrath. Thorin looked over at Tauriel and gave her a questioning look before asking her in their native language of what she thought. Of course, he did not want the two people kneeling there to understand what he was saying to his sister so instead of plain english, he used their native tongue. Thorin was not the one for dealing nicely with trespassers but he thought that since his sister was here; she could help decide on what to do with them.

Tauriel stood beside her brother, she tilted her head slightly and shrugged lightly before playing with her long rich brown hair. Telling Thorin to first question them in their language as she slowly walked over to the guards and whispered to them to step back. When they did, she slowly circled around the two people as if she was a hawk and they were mice. Her green eyes never left them as if she was trying to figure them out.
"My sister is right... what the hell are you doing in this area?" Thorin's voice echoed throughout the throne room as he crossed his arms over his chest and watched his younger sibling take note of the two trespassers. 

The New and The Old (OPEN) Matt-bomer

(Need someone to play two characters here. One male, one female. Could be humans, could be dwarves, elves from other area, werewolves or anything really. Can be siblings, best friends, cousins. Though they need to have a reason as to why they were trespassing. Could be there's a war breaking out, and coming this way. Could be they need help due to an illness that has fallen in their own town  could be that they are in need of a new home. Could be anything, just make up something :3  eventually the couples will slowly get close; after a few fights and other things.  Please don't be afraid to claim this! I really want to get this ball rolling :3 At least a paragraph each for every character, thanks!)
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The New and The Old (OPEN)
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