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 The Walking Dead(M)(Private)

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PostSubject: Re: The Walking Dead(M)(Private)   Thu Jan 09, 2014 5:03 pm

Being raised in a military family,  she had moved around a lot to different countries and such. She grew up and learned a lot of different languages, making new friends and leaving old friends along her path.  She had been taught a lot from her parents because her older brother never really took interest in things till later in life. She would always asked questions and she was a very intelligent child, and as she grew up that expanded a lot but she had recently became quiet when she entered University. Sure she lived on residence and made a few friends but it’s the parties that she really shined at; her parents never liked her getting mixed up in those kind of things but they just shrugged it off and learned to accept it knowing that she was now on her own to learn and grow in the adult world.  Her mother was a pure blood Italian and her father was a mix of Brazilian, Greek but mostly Australian. Of course, her mother and father had an accent and as a child Leilah had picked them up; her brother Caleb had picked up on more of the Australian accent where Leilah picked up on the Italian accent from her mother and it stuck.

Leilah was a cute little thing, she stood around 5’7 and weighed around 112 lbs. She was lightly tanned with dark brown hair and mixed colours of eyes; it was a mix of ember colour and light brown. Her complexion completely flawless but on her left wrist was a tattoo of something that looked to be a family crescent. Sure she had hooked up with a few guys around campus; but she was not like the other girls around her and she never really got into a relationship, it was just too much work and too much stress she found; not to mention that she got screwed out of her last one so she just kind of…gave up. She doubted that there was someone out there for her, at least for right now. She was going to wait till she was at least out of university before starting to date again.  Nothing like starting a fresh…

“Gregg, come on get off” Leilah whispered as she laid there in her bed with a man hovering over her with a grin on his face.  She frowned at Gregg; a man with light brown hair and green eyes who maybe stood 6’3 and weighed a good 190lbs. “Gregg… please” she said softly and gasped when Gregg began to nip and suck on the right side of her neck. “Oh come on Leilah, just a little longer?” Gregg pleaded with those puppy eyes of his when he pulled away slightly and then flopped onto the bed next to her with a chuckle. “Sadly I can’t, not today… Jason texted me saying that he needed to see me so I’m going to go meet him at starbucks” she said as she jumped out of bed and began to get dressed. She could feel Gregg’s eyes on her but she did not care too much “Let yourself out, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” She giggled as she turned slightly to see him getting off the bed and putting his clothes back on.

Gregg rolled his eyes when he finished zipping up his pants and putting on his black shirt, he grabbed his beanie and fixed it before walking over to Leilah and wrapping his arms around her small frame “I’ve missed you so much” he whispered and kissed her cheeks softly “I’ll see you tomorrow night love” he muttered as he let go of her and gave her a wink before heading towards the door, he let himself of course and headed back to his own dorm for the day so he could go grab his books and get to the classes he was in for today.

Leilah watched him but she did not speak one more word to him, she just simply nodded and sighed after he left. She glanced at the time and grabbed her ipod, she put in her ear pieces and turned the ipod on before she then stuffed her key into her bra and headed out the door; of course she locked it behind her and quickly made her way out of the large building and to star bucks. It was not long before she arrived at star bucks, she was wearing a blue skirt and a black top that had some lace to it along with silver flats. When she entered the place, she noticed guys to her right and left staring at her in awe but she simply ignored them when she noticed Jason and... a friend. She blinked when she arrived over to where they were and unplugged her ear pieces, putting them away in the small purse she had brought with her that just enhanced her outfit and her beauty. "Quindi ... qualcuno vuole spiegare che cosa esattamente sta succedendo o cosa?" She asked Jason after glancing at his friend, she had been teaching Jason some Italian in exchange for some good deals on some really good stuff.


(Yes to the zombies evolving! XD that'd be pretty wicked to see that later in the RP. and it's totally cool with the German, I'm still learning myself :3 )
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PostSubject: The Walking Dead(M)(Private)   Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:04 pm

"In local news, protesters swarmed Central Park in defiance of newly elected Mayor Bill de Blasio. Many believe that New York's polution has reached unacceptable levels and is negatively impacting the environment. The Leader of the protesters, a Mr. Johnny X, has claimed that the latest outbreaks are due to -" *Click*

"Good morning New York! You're watching Fox News and this is the morning addition of the O' Reilly Factor with your host, Bill O'Reilly. Today I want to discus the latest eruption of lies from the Obama administration. Now, in the past we at Fox news have sought to supply our fellow Americans with Fair and Balanced news. We have also thoroughly investigated the nature of this Administration's blatant disregard for the for the freedoms of the American people. But today, President Obama has reached a whole new low. We at Fox are convinced that the administration has attempted on several accounts to cover up the growing-" *Click*

"Good morning America! This is CNN and you're watching New Day with Chris Cuomo and Kate Bolduan. On the top of the hour, breaking news straight from D.C! Republicans are up in arms over the the level of secrecy coming from the White House. Speaker of the House John Boehner demanded today that the President provide insight on the latest outbreaks which occurred earlier in the week. So far, outbreaks of unknown origin have been reported in-" *Click Click*

D-d-d-d-d-dora! D-d-d-d-d-dora! D-d-d-d-d-dora! D-d-d-d-d-dora! Dora Dora Dora the explorer! Boots that super coop exploradora. Grab you your backpacks. Lets go! Jump in, Vamanos! You can lead-" *Click Click Click!*

"God I hate the news...and tv in general..." Antwone Fisher mumbled as he turned off his TV. There was never anything good on, and all politicians ever did was wage war against each other. It was the same on every single channel. No one was truly unbiased. Everyone had their own agenda, but one day..Antwone would change that. One day he would own a News station and would insure that Americans received nothing but the unfiltered truth.

", es ist frühmorgendlich...Kommst du ins Bett gehen..." came the words of a soft voice from behind Antwone. The boy turned around and smiled softly as he gazed down upon his girlfriend. The two of them had dated since Freshman year. Now mid level sophomores, the happy couple spent most of their nights..and mornings inside Antwone's comfy one bed, one bathroom, apartment. "Tut mir leid meine schöne Frau. Ich will nicht Sie..uh...aufwecken?" Antwone blinked. Slowly, the gorgeous dark brown eyes of his girlfriend peeled open. "Mm..we need to seriously work on your German." she smiled while cupping Antwone's cheeks. "Your French and Spanish need work as well." she added with a soft giggle. Antwone closed his eyes and sighed in depression. "Amodini you know that I've been trying...I thought I had gotten better..." Antwone sighed again. "Nope. You still suck." Amodini giggled. Antwone released a low huff. "Well, not everyone can follow in the footsteps of Columbia's infamous Linguistics Queen. I mean you speak what..five languages already???" Antwone blinked. "Seven including Latin and Arabic." Amodini corrected.

Antwone rolled his eyes. He was about to move off the bed, but suddenly became trapped by the slender legs of his girlfriend. Amodini smiled innocently as her legs coiled around Antwone's waist, pinning their bodies together. "Well I'm up now. You wanna fool around?" she asked. Her voice held the perfect balance of seduction and need. "Sorry babe, I gotta go meet Jason." Antwone smiled. Amodini's eyes suddenly glared daggers up at her boyfriend. "Seriously?" she huffed while unhooking her legs. "That fool is a cancer to you and this university. When are you going to ditch that retarded Red Neck?" she growled. Antwone's brow raised. "Uh...Jason's people are from Jersey..I dont think they count as Red Necks.." he blinked. "Fine, Yankee then." Amodini frowned. "No...his family dont really consider themselves to be yankees either. Actually...I dont know what Jason is..." 

Amodini released a deep sigh. Her boyfriend had so much potential! She honestly believed that some day he'd be running his own News station. Naturally, she'd be his leading bilingual Reporter. Yet, people like Jason Stackhouse continued to drag Antwone down. "Whatever." The Indian beauty pouted. "Oh babe.." Antwone smiled. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss upon his girl's cheek. "I know you hate Jason's guts but he's my best friend. be fair..I did promise to help him. He'll flunk economics if I dont save him." Antwone stated as he rose up from the bed and made his way towards the bathroom. Amodini watched her man walk away. The brunette rolled her eyes and pulled the blankets back over her. "Its freaking Econ 1001...who the hell fails a freshman class..." she thought to herself.


A few hours later,
Antwone walked quickly through campus. It was more or less a normal day at Columbia University. As usual, the school crawled with rich little brats who sought to live up to, or fail, the expectations of their parents. The Atlanta native had worked hard to secure his place at Columbia. Unlike most of the rich brats who could live off their family names, Antwone took his college education very seriously. That morning, he was suppose to meet Jason inside of Starbucks at 9. His best friend had pleaded for Antwone to share the notes that he still had from taking Econ 1001 last semester. Antwone gazed down at his watch as he picked an empty booth. As usual, he was right on time, but Jason was no where to be seen.

About 30 minutes later, Jason came strolling into the cafe. "Hey brother! How's it hangin?" Jason smiled. Antwone sent a hard glare straight into the eyes of his best friend. "Fuck you. Why the hell can you never arrive on time? You said meet me at Starbucks at 9. Well guess what time it is?" Antwone growled. However, when he noticed that Jason had a pink scarf tied around his arm, Antwone's face turned blank. "Um...whats with the scarf?" he blinked. "Oh this?" Jason grinned from ear to ear. "Well, do you remember Rebecca Wilson?" Jason smirked. "You dont mean you?" Antwone blinked again. "Oh yea brother! Lets just say that things got a bit heated last night. Your boy got some major tail, but when I woke up...well I was still tied to the bed and she was gone. I managed to free my left arm, but damnit she tied the right one waaaay too tight."

Antwone pressed his palm into his face. He could only wonder how drunk Jason had been the night before. Screamer was renowned for running from bar to bar late into the night. She got her nickname from her nightly confrontations with Campus PD. "Anyway...can we start this?" Antwone sighed. "Well just hold on there Cowboy! I invited a girl I know who's in the class. You've seen her around." Jason smiled. Antwone frowned a bit. " mean the quiet one who sits two seats behind you?" he asked. Jason nodded. "Yep thats her. She also came to Jack Miller's party about two weekends ago. Ya know, if you play your cards right I bet she'd go for you." Jason winked while giving Antwone a nudge with his elbow. " know I'm dating Amodini." Antwone frowned. Jason raised his eyes brows. "Oh..jeez bro my bad. I thought you had kicked Lieutenant Buzz Kill to the side ages ago..." Jason shrugged. "Seriously?" Antwone sighed in disbelief. "Oh yea I'm serious. I'm telling you Ant, that woman is gonna end up pulling out yer heart in some sick Indian-beef saving ritual." Jason stated. "Dude..thats racist as fuck. And, I've told you told a million times to stop trashing her." Antwone growled. Jason held his hands up in defense. "Ok Ok my bad. I know how you like em, all tight-asses and what not." Jason chuckled. Antwone was about to smack him right in the middle of the cafe when he noticed Jason's friend walking through the door...

ooc: Ok so I'm setting it up maybe two days before the outbreak. Your character is the one the boys are meeting in starbucks. Feel free to add in different characters if you want.

 Oh, and what would you think about the 'virus' mutating later on in the rp? I thought maybe the zombies could start becoming more organized/intelligent. Maybe after a while of feeding on humans they could mutate and slowly become the 'zombies' that were in Will Smith's: I Am Legend.

Also, I apologize if you speak German and noticed how I butchered those sentences. I'm still learning ><
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The Walking Dead(M)(Private)
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