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 RP Ideas

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PostSubject: RP Ideas   Sat Apr 05, 2014 1:19 am

Smoke and Steam
There if one unspoken rule that presides as golden: You can't fall in love with your arch-nemesis. However, for Lynn Jection, well she never was one to stick with rules.

Chelos is a bright and very busy city. Its claim to fame is being the home of the foremost industry of inventions and scientific discoveries. The founder and owner is the cities very own superhero complete with powers. His brilliant mind and experimentation had led him to intentionally give himself powers... His reason, was a tyranical mastermind of machine. A female in a full body suit and gas mask. She left no fingerprints. Smoke was her way of keeping troublemakers from interrupting. That female was Lynn Jection, her only known alias. Her appearence and plague of suffering had given rise to a hero who matched her own mind and had the powers to go up against her machines.

He pities her, see's her as a tortured soul. While she only wants to put him down once and for all.

After a failed bank heist and devestating loss on the battlefield, Lynn is forced to go back to her past name, her birth name of Alexis Brook and sends her zombie assistant with her resume to search for a temporary job to fund her plans... He does so very badly. He gets her a job with high pay... With the company that her nemesis owns. As his assistant. 

The Loyal Wolf
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful kingdom hidden away in a magical forest. A kingdom that was brought to ruin by war. Though it has faded into myth its legend lives on with a single figure. A pure white wolf whom is said to still patrol the ruins.

Lyris was once the seemingly loyal pet of the royal family. For generations she had been a constant in the portraits. In truth she was their guardian. She was bound to them by an eternal debt. She had been saved from death by a hunter. In return she had helped him woo a princess and guard the family as they prospered in the royal family... Then the war came, she was buried in debris, once she emerged. The war had been over for years. The castle and kingdom barren and in ruins. Since then she's guarded the ruins. The graves of an entire kingdom that has since passed into fable.

Who would go and try to find a fable?

Perhaps one violent and dark wolf demon whose pack has just moved into town. A demon who was lured in by both the heat of the season and the legends of an ancient magical being who guards a kingdom of the dead.

From Android to Human
When can a machine turn into a living being? If you put in an alien species that binds itself to machines to kill humans, well some strange things are bound to happen.

She was captains personal android. In fact she was his first android when he first become a captain of a ship. Although through the years many models have been made that by far outdated her, the captain refused to replace her. No matter how difficult the repair he's held onto her. Most would call this loyalty to a lifeless AI a waste of time...

Especially after a Gnosis attack. Several androids were possessed by the Gnosis. Several had to be put down, others simply couldn't handle the process and died with the Gnosis. However a few survived...

The captains android was one of them. As she and the others are wrecked with malfunctions, constantly reporting to the 'sick bay', a strange occurance is happening. While to others outside of the sick bay may think its simply the androids slowly breaking down from the struggle with their Gnosis hosts, the doctors are noticing something different. Slowly the androids are becoming more than just AI... Their becoming human.
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RP Ideas
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