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 The Gold Legion [Yuri/Slave]

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PostSubject: The Gold Legion [Yuri/Slave]   The Gold Legion [Yuri/Slave] EmptySat May 03, 2014 11:22 pm

The Gold Legion [Yuri/Slave] Mim9fp

The 53rd empress ruled over the long-existent civilization, simply dubbed "The Empire" for its ability to conquer neighboring lands with brute speed and power. The pure-bloods of the empire, known as the Espers, thought of themselves as the perfected humans who were destined to rule the world. Therefore, conquered lands were immediately subjected to slavery. 

Empress Mial La Aura'Lyn had many successful campaigns through the innovative "Legion Armor", which had deflected any sword, axe, or arrow that came its way, leaving many to believe that "The Empire" would soon fulfill its purpose. Then, Empress Mial set her eyes on a small chain of islands that would grant her immense sea power. Calling for her best ships, her and her Legion headed towards the island, believing that it would take no longer than a few weeks to suppress any resistance. The islands soon came into view, and so did a smile across Mial's lips.

"Let's make this fast. We'll clear up this trash." Mial said confidently, casually crossing her legs and waiting on a luxurious seat overlooking the main battleship. She squinted and saw a few individuals from the island appearing on the beach shore. "Such a pity. Unlucky folks." She sighed. "Fire on them."

"Aye, aye, Empress!" One of the crewmen replied, and ordered the ships to fire their cannons on the islanders. Cannon balls were sent out of the ships, aiming directly at them.

((You can do anything with the people in the island. They can outsmart the Legion, have some supernatural power, or whatever. Your character would defeat the Legion and capture Empress Mial and use her as a toy, while trying to mount a resistance against the Empire, and maybe even trying to convert Empress Mial on your character's side.))
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The Gold Legion [Yuri/Slave]
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