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 Love Scorned (Evil Male/Mature)

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PostSubject: Love Scorned (Evil Male/Mature)   Thu Jul 10, 2014 10:43 pm

Love Scorned

"A Geru elf? What is she doing here? Aren't they usually in the Rookenvale forest?"

She stared aggervated at her drink. The bartender placed down the bottle next to her. He then went to hush the two chattering fools getting all giddy over an elf in a bar... Not that she could blame them. The Geru Elves don't ever go into towns. They were people of nature and lived among the trees. All except for Felpha, the rebel who got outcasted.

Out of the blindness of love and youth, she had risen her bow against her own kind. Broken one of the sacred laws of the Geru and fallen in love with a being of darkness. Now she had her prize, she was cast out of the forests which had been her home for all her life. Into the world with nothing but her bow. Her love had disappeared after her had been captured.

The first week was the worst. However, she had managed to befriend a human bartender, Calvin. He offered a gentle hand and help when she was at the end of her rope. She helped around the tavern that he owned and babysat for his young son, Okrin. Since then Calvin had since retired and now Felpha worked for Okrin in exchange for room and board. It was a lucky break that she had found such a loving family. Loving enough to take in a foreign stranger and adopt her into the family. A stranger whom would outlive them all due to the eternal youth of the elven kind.

After a while Felpha stood from her place at the bar and headed up to her room. Yet she jumped back when she saw the figure that awaited her. She quickly closed the door and harshly whispered,

"What in the world are you doing here Sera?"

Sera turned to smile at Felpha, she looked younger than her. She was around 4'9, a full foot under Felpha, one of the smaller of the Geru. Her blonde hair and blue eyes contrasted greatly from her dark tan. The girl walked up to Felpha and said,"I came to see you."

Felpha sighed and replied,"Do you know how pissed the Elders would be if they found out you left the forest to talk to the outcast of all people? If I remember correctly that is one thing they don't like." Sera followed her has she walked over to her bed and sat down. When she did she continued,"They know I left to seek you out... Actually it was Elder Mierrest that suggested that someone search for you."

At this she gave her a questioning look. Sera then said,"We need your help. The forest is screaming. The Elders are sensing an dark force making it's way toward our forest. It hides somewhere but we don't know where. The rest of the hunters just seem to track in circles. Something dark and evil is in wait in the forest and it's smart enough to know how to throw us off... I think I even saw a dragon in the forest."

At this Felpha glared at her and asked,"What kind of dragon?"

Turns out it was a golem dragon. Now lets go over what that means. Dragons are not evil nor are they good. They are the most powerful of the neutral forces. Yet a golem dragon isn't really a dragon. It is a puppet greated by the use of dark magic to bring it to life. Which is a very old dark magic. It is damn near impossible to find a being of dark that knows how to make a golem dragon... However, Felpha knows of only one. A certain old paramour whom had led her into ruin.

... So here was Felpha in her hunters gear. The Elders all collected together as they stared back at her. The black sheep had returned to help the flock. Felpha had been an excellent hunter before she was casted out. No other could track like her. Her talent was seeing through illusions and tricks. Also considering her past with the dark presence that had the forest shaken up, she was their one hope.

Sera grabbed Felpha's arm and led her away. After Felpha had broken her death stare at the Elders Sera stopped and said as she turned to looked at her,"Would you please not test their patience? Your really standing on the edge of a knife with them." Felpha scoffed and said as she ventured out to the forest,

"Like I give a damn about them anymore."


"Where did you see the dragon?"

Sera rolled her eyes and began to lead the way. Once they reached the area Felpha examined the area. It was well into the night and hours since Sera had left Felpha to her own devices.

She looked to the night sky and smirked as she said,"Your calling me out yet like a true snake yet you don't dare show your face when the others are awake... I gotta say, pretty clever showing your puppet to Sera. What trick did you use to send the Geru Hunters chasing their tails? You have the forest shaking so you've got some real power behind you. An army perhaps?" Her smirkĀ dissolvedĀ into a frown before she turned her head to stare at her forsaken paramour who had now decided to appear from out of the shadows where he had been hiding.

"Why did you want me here? If I remember my dark undoing, you didn't so much as look back when I got captured during our escape. Not even an attempted rescue. No I got banished, so you achieved in getting rid of the one person who could possibly uncover your cards before their time. So who then did you do all this to call me back?"

(Need someone to be the dark entity who had seduced Felpha years ago)
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Love Scorned (Evil Male/Mature)
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