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 Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature]

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PostSubject: Re: Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature]   Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature] EmptySat Dec 07, 2013 10:23 pm

If you are still interested in this rp, I'd like to join :) just say the word!
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PostSubject: Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature]   Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature] EmptyTue Jul 23, 2013 7:43 pm

Setting: Year 2086. Neo-Tokyo.
MMC: Arabaster Roan
Extra: No One Liners. Mature rating. Lots of blood and fighting, and other M rated stuffs XD

Roan gritted his teeth as a blood-flecked, black, hard-leather whip cut across his back. “How many times are you going to force me to do this?” A cold, icy female voice drifted from the shadows. A woman in a very expensive dress emerged from the shadows. She walked forward and placed her hand under Roan’s chin, bringing his eyes up to look into hers. "You were my favorite….Until you tried to run away. Why did you run? I was giving you everything you need. So, why?” Roan looked off to the side, the light in his eyes dimming even farther as he slowly felt himself going into a deep sleep. The woman scowled, then stood up. “Fine…..” She turned her back to him and the crack of the whip could be heard one more.

An ambulance tore through the streets, its sirens blaring loudly. Inside, there were three paramedics standing around a young man who was bleeding from a gun wound in his lower abdomen and the numerous whip markings on his back. It pulled up into the emergency gate and they quickly rushed the young man inside. They hooked him up and called the doctor. “His file, please.” The doctor looked at the file. “Roan Arabaster. Age 20. No parents. Gun shot wound to the lower abdomen, multiple whip marking across his back….” The doctor glanced at the unconscious Roan. “Poor young man….Who could do this to you?”

Three weeks later, a man walked up to the nurse’s counter in the ICU section of the hospital. “What room is Roan Arabaster in?” The nurse glanced at her chart “Arabaster, Roan….He’s in Room 666.”The man nodded before walking through the automatic swinging doors into the ICU. The man slowly opened Roan’s door and smiled slightly as he saw Roan sleeping. He softly shut the door and walked in, pulling a chair to Roan’s bedside. He reached up and lightly touched Roan’s forehead. “You fool….You tried to run from that woman again….” Roan’s hand reached up and gently touched his hand. “Shut up, Brandon….” Brandon jumped slightly, drawing his hand back. “Dammit, Roan! Don’t scare me like that!” Roan smiled slightly and his hand returned to his side. “You still scare easily, Brandon….” Brandon leaned down, his face just a few inches from Roan’s. “Don’t push it, baka…..You need your rest. Now go back to sleep and hurry up and recover so I can get you out of here and in with me…."

A month later, Roan was finally well enough to leave the hospital. He sat on his newly-made bed, a small white box laying on his lap as he waited for Brandon to arrive. Roan looked up and smiled, but he smile disappeared from his face as a nurse walked in, her face looking grave. “Your friend…..Brandon…..Was found, shot and near death two hours ago. They arrived and he’s in the emergency room. They are trying to stabilize his condition….” Roan threw the box to the ground and ran outside the door. A few doctors grabbed him by the arms, pulling him away from the Emergency Room doors. “Stop, Roan! You can’t go in there right now! He’s still being worked on!” Tears streamed down Roan’s eyes as they lead him away from the doors and into the waiting room.

Roan paced the waiting room, his hands clasped tightly together. The doctor walked in and Roan rushed over to him. The doctor pulled the white mask off of his face and sighs deeply, running a hand through his graying hair. “Roan….I’m so sorry. We were unable to do anything….Brandon passed away two hours ago….” Roan gasped, falling down onto his knees, putting his face in his hands. The head doctor walked out an pulled Roan up to his knees. “Here….” Roan looked at his hands as the doctor put a few ones in his hands. “Use those to go back home, Roan. We’ll call his family when they come get his body for burial. Be careful, alright?” Roan nodded and walked out the door, completely lost in his mind, unsure of what he should do.

Roan’s mother rushed forward and flung her arms around her son, burying her face in his shoulder. “Roan!! I can’t believe it! You’re back!!” Roan freed himself from her grasp and walked off, his eyes slightly misted over. “Roan? What’s wrong?” Roan opened the glass door and stepped out onto the deck. He walked down the stairs and sat down in a sun chair by the pool. His mother knelt down beside him, taking his right hand into her’s. “Roan….Please….Tell me what’s wrong….” Roan looked at his mother, no noticeable emotion showing in his eyes at all. “Brandon….Is dead….” Roan’s mother gasped lightly.“Oh, Roan….I-I’m so sorry…..” Roan smiled weakly. “It’s alright….Where’s Grandfather?” Roan’s mother nodded toward the family shrine. “He’s in the antechamber….Why?” Roan stood up and walked towards the shrine. “I need to ask him a few questions….”

Roan nodded as his grandfather let him in the main shrine room. In the middle of the room, was a golden shrine dedicated to the Phoenix Dragon. Roan walked forward and knelt down by the statue. "..........”Roan took the sword that lay in front of it and walked out of the shrine and towards the darker part of the city.

Roan watched silently as a group of thugs started to surround a young teenage couple. “Give us all your money, the keys to your car, and the girl!" The young man shook his head, frowning weakly. Roan smirked slightly, seeing that the boy was shaking at his knees. How pathetic…. Roan jumped down and kicked one of the thugs in the middle of his back, sending him face-forward into the gravel. “Run!!” He barked at the two teenagers and they ran away. Roan unsheathed the sword and cut there of the thugs completely in half. He smiled evilly as he killed the last six. Roan was standing in the midst of the dismembered bodies, his head tilted to the right slightly, his metallic-blue hair covered his icy-blue eyes, his sword hanging rigid in his right hand, dripping with blood. His right hand was gripped so tightly around the hilt that his knuckles where white. “Oh my god!!” Roan’s head snapped up and his eyes widened slightly as he saw an approaching figure. “……” Roan turned towards the person and slowly started towards them.
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Phoenix Dragon Knight [Open/Mature]
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