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 Castle Secrets (Pop-Can)

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PostSubject: Re: Castle Secrets (Pop-Can)   Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 10:38 pm

Xaivier watched his sister in amusement. He was shocked that she was actually interested in this stupid contest. He had noticed Seradin as well. He had seemed different from the others. Although Xavier wasn't exactly sure why. Emilia had walked away from the thrones to the floor where all the men stood. Kindly greeting them and Making sure they knew where there rooms were. Xavier had began doing the same, just to get rid of some of the men faster, before there were only a few left then Xavier had made his way to his own room leaving his sister alone. Emilia had finally dismissed all of the men but one. Seradin. She made her way over to him and smiled shyly. "H-Hello Sir. I am Princess Emilia. It is very nice to meet you." She had said happily. "Do you know where your room is?" She had asked him tilting her head a bit curious.
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PostSubject: Re: Castle Secrets (Pop-Can)   Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 10:13 pm

Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) C4551152a0fdcddeee0a36ffbb3dc756_zpsd5f32cbd
'In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'
-- George Orwell

Seradin had always been a fair guy. He didn't always cheat when he gambled. He wasn't always a flirt with the women. Seradin was always just that. Seradin. Growing up an orphan with a younger sister was definitely hard. Especially in a kingdom with an unjust King. A man who didn't know of his own greed. But Seradin, along with his sister Serene, made due with what was given to them.

The two were adopted into a local band of thieves who lived in an old abandoned theater in the slummy part of town. The nobles and higher classes were terrified of these thieves; calling them demons and sorcerers who sacrificed children for their dark powers. But that was hardly the case. The thieves were the Robin Hood of the city. They took in children who had no home, no food and no love; they took care of them and gave them a chance at a good, decent life. Seradin quickly became a brother of the thieves and even earned the respect of their leader.

Years passed and everything was well. Seradin, who the thieves often referred to as 'Lady Killer' since he was a big flirt, did his best to keep his little sister happy and content. She went to school thanks to the money he brought in doing odd jobs. She was healthy and beautiful.

Even on the day she died.

It was an unpredicted raid that the King had ordered. Lots of innocent men and women, even children, died because of the mad King. All for what? So he could send a message to the thieves simply to stop stealing. Stop taking money and jewels he stole from other kings and lords around the world. The message was received. Not only did Seradin's sister die in that raid, but several of his brothers died as well, protecting helpless children. Their boss, the only man Seradin ever looked up to, had also died. He passed while trying to save Serene from a soldiers sword. Everything Seradin knew was taken away on that day. Everything was gone.

Time passed. Bruises faded away. Scars became painful reminders. But Seradin never forgave the king. It was this intense need for revenge, this desire, that Seradin joined a silly little 'contest' of sorts. The king needed men to join his military; to stand as personal guards for the royal family. If that's what the king wanted, Seradin swore he would fulfill the role; all for the sake of revenge.

+ + +

Seradin only half listened to what the mad king spoke of. His emerald eyes were too busy enjoying the layout of the throne room. It was elegant and clean. Everything well furnished and embroidered with gold or jewels. Eventually the king stepped away, leaving the soon-to-be knights alone with the Prince and Princess in the large room.

The blonde glanced over at the other knights. Most of them were scrawny little boys with nothing else to do. Only two or three were large men who had their share of fights. Seradin sighed to himself. He wasn't about to let these men oust him. He needed to get to the King. He had to. 
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Join date : 2013-07-22
Age : 26
Location : My house. ;o

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PostSubject: Castle Secrets (Pop-Can)   Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) EmptyThu Jul 25, 2013 9:39 pm

Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) <a href=Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) Anime_11" />

Princess Emilia was next in line for the throne. She was rather mature and seemed to always be calm. She was very intelligent, but at the same time she was naïve. She had never left the Palace, staying confined within the walls of the gloomy place she called home. She had never traveled with her parents. And even though she was excited to take the throne she was worried and nervous at the same time. She had no idea what problems had faced her city. Everia, it was a large city with many problems. And she knew nothing of the gangs, poverty, or any other crimes. She was also unaware of all the Kingdom's secrets.

Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) <a href=Castle Secrets (Pop-Can) Images12" />

Prince Xavier was quite odd. and was a little younger than his sister who was eighteen, he being sixteen was more aware of the problems going on in Everia. Most likely because he would often sneak out of the Palace or eavesdrop on conversations between the maids, servants, butlers, guards, and even his own mother and father. It was really the only way he could find out. He had not cared to have the crown. And in all honesty preferred his sister to have it. So he was not disappointed when Emilia had been announced to be Queen of Everia. He was more outgoing than his sister and Took his title as "Prince" to a new level, using it to his advantage. And had not cared what others thought of him. He had just wanted to be free of the Castle that held too many secrets.

Summer was here. Which meant A special "program" would start today. The young men of Everia were invited to the Castle to participate and train, and eventually, be a Guard to Emilia when she Ruled. The girl had really not been interested in the activities but figured she'd have to see it through. "Why must this be some kind of contest?" She asked her father. The King sighed. It seemed that he had to explain it to her every day. "Well, Emilia, The man who is the best fighter, thinker, successful, at this "contest" you keep referring to, will be your Personal Guard." he had explained in a calm matter. Xaivier who was seated next to his elder sister had leaned forward to see his father. "Why does Emi need a "Personal Guard" What does that even mean?" He asked with a look of annoyance. The King had simply shook his head. "You will see some day Xaivier, They are more than your Guard, they will be the only person you can trust. Your "Best Friend" If you would like to call it that." he had answered then faced forward as several men marched to the throne room. Emilia Sighed. She rested her chin on her hand with a bored expression. "Best friend..." she mumbled as her eyes moved to her brother. The siblings sighed as their father stood. "Greetings, welcome to my Palace. I hope that you all find your rooms comfortable, and enjoy our food, our cooks are very pleasant, if you need something, not to worry, servants, and maids are around every corner, and today, you are my guests, Training will start in two days. So please make your self at home, and rest, until then, please have a walk around and be familiar with your surroundings, one day this may be your Permanent home." He had told the men. Xaivier sighed. "Permanent..." he thought. Why must they have to have a Personal Guard? The King had smiled though it seemed genuine it was much rather fake. "Please...Enjoy your time here, I look forward to seeing you all when training begins."
The king had turned and began to exit the throne room leaving Emilia and Xaivier behind. "These men look like a bunch of fools to me." he whispered to his sister, who said nothing but sat there staring, examining each. "I don't seems better than the rest." She whispered as she smiled at one man who seemed to her, different, and unique.
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Castle Secrets (Pop-Can)
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