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 In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man))

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The Stranger

The Stranger

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In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man)) Empty
PostSubject: In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man))   In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man)) EmptyThu Nov 14, 2013 9:51 pm

In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man)) HijikataToushiroufull1236807_zps45420832

His life was in this town. It's where his 'curse' led him and he'd chosen to stay there for a better part of the year.

The town itself was rather quaint; not to mention quiet as men and women brought their boats in with the sunset painting the sea and sky marvelous colors. If one were a painter; it surely would have been an idyllic setting. Except for one thing. At the north-eastern corner of the town three level one Akuma hovered facing the buildings. Atop one of the rooves appeared to be the silhouette of a man; though his legs and waist glinted like metal in the afternoon array of light. It seems while one side of the town remained normal; the side where the four oddities were was deserted. 

Alas; this calm was because it was a usual occurrence.

"...You guys always look the same. Like giant balls of fat; almost too grotesque to kick."

A small and deadly smile came to the mystery man's features.


In an instant his legs emitted a flash of light and he leapt; a mysterious force propelling him much farther than a standard jump. He leapt past the Akuma as they fired; their bullets arcing through the air away from the town and at the threat. Another flash of light and the man's direction changed in the air, his body flipping back as another steadier light came from his feet. Blades colored white and blue, made of light and energy extended from his feet as he effortlessly sliced through bullets near him in a well executed move. This wasn't because of any training; rather he had experience fighting this type of Akuma and had remembered the limitations of their shots. He got close and one kick sliced right through one of the Akuma, its body dissolving as the young man fall to the ground. The instant his 'flesh' touched the ground he was propelled back up at a different angle, his movements too unpredictable for the bullets to track before hitting the earth. 

The second Akuma was dealt with in the same manner as the first; but as the man rose high above the last one; he angled his legs downward toward the creature.

"Goodnight, you ugly bas-"

Thus he began to kick. Each kick his legs emitted a flash of light and sent bolts of energy down at the Akuma, slamming into it with a series of small explosions. Each shot too caused the young man to spin in place, giving his body a similarity to a spinning top. The shots also propelled him back from the force they were leaving his body at; so as the last Akuma dissolved the young man sailed back into the confines of the town and vanished behind the buildings.

A smile still on his face; not from what he'd done, but simply that he was able to do it.

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In it for the Kicks ((Private, Mature, D.Gray Man))
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