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 Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))

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Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))    Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))  EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 11:51 pm

Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))  1e391d8f2bf6e28ad88269baab46f237_bp_zpsba65c421

Not many in the eighth division of the Gotei 13 was as technically minded as Akira Hayami. The low seat member had been into electronics for decades, usually craving the latest equipment of inventing it herself. Despite her apparent age, she had been in the division since around the end of vice captain Lisa Yadomaru's leadership. Then, she and Nanao would borrow books from her, but Akira had found a different interest when she had stumbled into a scientist's room. He seemed initially upset at the uninvited guest until she swore that she was honestly interested in the independent work he was doing, and that she wouldn't tell anyone about it. After a while, she considered herself his assistant, but she didn't know as much about his side project as she thought.

After the scientist's dream looked like it was gone, Akira feigned ignorance and resumed reading Lisa's books, but they, like other stories, sounded boring compared to her old friend's plan. She was upset that the side project was dead, but it inspired her to pursue science, so that if he ever approached her to assist again, then she could be more useful to him. She had been asked about transferring to twelfth division, but she thought Kurotsuchi was to restrictive, that their personalities would clash too much, and Kyoraku gave her enough room to work independently while she still worked for him and Nanao.

She visited the fourth division, not that she was injured, but to check on fifth division vice captain Momo Hinamori. She knew the superior's best friend often came to see her, but he was currently on assignment, so Akira figured somebody should see her. As she stepped into the room, she was surprised to her move, making her think the senpai was asleep. Akira smirked, mentally recalling the scientist saying he wanted a subject - not her, much to her chagrin at the time - to complete his study. She thought for a moment that she didn't know what kind of subject he was looking for, but he could have a whole division's worth of energy if he did it right.

* * * * *

A short time ago, a man masqueraded as a foreign exchange student in Karakura High School. Although his interest was elsewhere at the time, Shinji Hirako had noticed during that time that Hikari had spiritual pressure. With his original mission accomplished, he had to withdraw his enrollment from the school, the nature of Hikari's spiritual pressure remaining a mystery to him.

On days like today, the former captain liked to take walks around the town. Sometimes he needed a break from Hiyori's attitude, other times he randomly decided to take a stroll. He had been wandering with his zanpakuto Sakanade at his side since the school day ended, and didn't appreciate the sudden rainfall. He was about to turn around and go home when he felt the presence of a hollow nearby. He effortlessly rose to get a better view from a house's rooftop, then he noticed its target, recognizing her immediately. When he started to approach the scene, he saw a red haired male shinigami arrive, loudly unseal his zanpakuto, then defeat the hollow. Grinning, he glided back down to the ground and slowly walked up to the two.

Renji Abarai, along with some others, had been cleared to enter the living world by their respective captains, and their priority was assisting Rukia, Ichigo, and their group of friends against former captain Aizen and his developing plan that was still being investigated. The members of the team recently sent out had separated, Renji becoming a 'moocher' at Kisuke Urahara's store. Despite the rain, Urahara had sent him on a grocery run, mainly snacks for everyone living there. His mild irritation over apparently having to go now instead of after the rain stopped ceased when he saw a hollow appear before a girl. Running toward the girl from behind her, he called out Zabimaru, then immediately defeated the hollow. He sighed with relief as he resealed Zabimaru, then looked at the girl as he heard footsteps.

 (I've never made a starter this long before. I hope it's okay. Yours is amazing, so I wanted to try making mine longer.)
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Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))  Empty
PostSubject: Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))    Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))  EmptyTue Jul 30, 2013 8:46 pm

"M-My research!"

"You're done with your research. We're canceling all of your on-going projects as of now."

"B-But why?! Don't you get it, you old fool!"

"You dare talk to me in such a way?! All documentations; everything involved in this ridiculous research is to be destroyed immediately."

With the final order given, the Head Captain of the Gotei 13 left the old Research and Development building behind. With it, a Soul Reaper who fell to his knees in defeat. The man was a very plain Shinigami; black hair with streaks of white from old age and dark eyes. Before the mans very eyes, all his work, everything he lived for, was destroyed. Even his powers were revoked. Now, he was just a mad man.

"If only they understood... They cannot comprehend my findings. A world between worlds..." The broken man spoke to himself, barely minding the other Shinigami as they made quick work of his documents. "Those idiots...All I needed was one subject...just one and everything would have been completed..." Lifting his shaking hands, the man buried his face into his palms. What was left after this? An eternity of never finishing his precious work. How could he live like this? Was he suppose to simply lie down and take it? Let them kill everything he is? The man sighed. No. The research must continue. "I will find the key. I will...I promise, I will...."

+ + + +

In the Shadows

'It's already been a few weeks since my dad and I moved here and opened an Inn just outside of town. I guess it was always my dads dream to have an Inn; I don't know why else he would do it. I help out with the chores around the place but otherwise, I'm a full time student at Karakura High School.

I've been here for a while but I still haven't made any friends. There's two students in my class who occasionally talk to me. Would you consider that friends? One is Orihime Inoue. She's nice and very pretty. I enjoy her company but she always seems occupied with her other friends. That's fine. I'm the new comer anyways. The other is Uryu Ishida. He keeps to himself yet now and then he'll ask how I'm doing. I definitely wouldn't consider him a friend. When we talk, it's hardly friendly. I often feel like he's just judging me.

I suppose he is though, considering he only talks to me because I give off a spiritual energy; just as he and several other students do. Orihime is one of them. Out of all of the students though, Uryu is the only one who seems to have noticed my spiritual pressure. I'm not very good at concealing it. But I shouldn't have to hide it. I am a Shaman after all. Uryu's asked about Shamans once or twice. I've only told him the basics because he doesn't really seem that interested.

Shamans are hybrid humans who have a connection to the other worlds. We're called the Key Between Worlds since we have such a strong relation to the spiritual realm. We communicate with spirits and help them pass on. That's the short and sweet version.'

+ + +

Hikari Asakura, with her long, bright pink hair, left the school grounds quickly that afternoon, sometime after finishing up in the music room. This was common of her. She always played piano or violin after class; no one was ever around to hear it or notice it was her. She liked the peace and silence.

Usually around this time, the warm golden rays of sunlight were just fading while everyone rushed home for supper. However today was different. Today, thick gray clouds swirled the sky over head, threatening to pour rain down on everyone who didn't have an umbrella. As much as she liked the sun and the warmth of the spring breeze, there was one thing Hikari loved more; rain. She absolutely loved thunderstorms and rain showers. That's why when everyone else on the streets hurried to fetch their umbrellas, Hikari simply smiled, eager for it to start raining.

+ + +

The sky had darkened drastically by the time Hikari got half way home. Street lights flickered on, illuminating the empty streets. A light drizzle had begun, just coating the streets in a sheen of water. Pink hair stuck to Hikari's pale features as her glacier blue eyes suddenly narrowed. The girl, in her school uniform still, suddenly stopped as rain started to pour in thick beads. A whirl of spiritual pressure wrapped around her, coiling her like a snake. It wasn't very strong, not like Ichigo Kurosaki, but it was abnormal to the extreme. Anyone who could read spirit energy would easily detect such a phenomenon.

A few yards ahead of Hikari, down one of the empty alleys, a street light began to flicker wildly. The light hissed under the stress before it shattered entirely. Glass rained down seconds before the light itself suddenly broke down; crushed like an empty pop can beneath someones heel. A black energy, growling and lurching, sprang from the shadows and launched itself at Hikari. With a roar only a Hollow could create, the beast gnashed its jaws at the pink haired girl who had narrowly dodged the initial attack.

  photo sample-6b88f0ff7667073bdb7e5e803291ffdf_zps895ff00e.jpg
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Bleach: In the Shadows. ((Private/Mature.))
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