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 Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)

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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 12:31 am

Aurelia was readying her blade for an attack when she felt a hand on her shoulder pulling her back. She knew it was her mother and quickly obeyed. She would not attack despite the fact that every fiber of her being screamed at her to do so. To hurt the human that was hurting her father and her best friend. She glared at William as he spoke, sick of hearing his voice the second it came from his lips. The Draumr! The legends were true! She watched in amazement as the gem dropped her mother to her knees. She took one step forward to go to her mother's aid but was quickly yanked back by the guards who stationed themselves in harm's way, desperate to keep the princess safe. "Nooooo!", her voice ripped through her throat as the sword pierced her father's chest. "Father!", her voice was louder than any human could do, almost like the roar of a dragon. Anger and pain flooded thorough her and her swords grew brighter and larger with her anger.

Aurelia watched in horror as her father's life slipped away from him as he collapsed. Two more of her men dropped. She twirled the blade in her hand and readied herself. "William! You will die by my hand I swear it." She took off at a sprint toward the man.

"Bestore! Keep her safe.", Tali spoke with obvious agonizing pain as she used the last of her willpower to try and help her daughter.

Bestore, a large man built like a wall, ran as fast as he could and tried to tackle the princess before she could get close to William. Aurelia was much lighter and smaller than Bestore and easily dodged his attack.

"Your Highness!", he spoke with fear evident in his voice. "You must flee! You must run from here and protect the Royal line."

"Never!", she spat. "I will never leave my family to die." She ran at William who had put his full attention on her. She raised her sword high as she sidestepped the humans that surrounded her. She was within a few feet and her heart soared. She would be able to end this right here. She brought her blade down as soon as she was in reach but in an instant she saw the flash of metal and her blade was stopped. In front of her was Fiore, her friend, protecting William with her life as he stood behind her. Aureli sneered and her sword grew even longer as she put all her strength into knocking back Fiore. The sword caught William's cheek, cutting it slightly. With one final push, Fiore stumbled backwards causing their swords to be free once more. "Release my mother now!" Her right sword twitched as she decided how she would attack. She released the light of one sword, dispersing back into the area around them. She clasped both hands tightly around the one large claymore and brought it over her head to land a death blow upon William.

OOC: I figured Fiore's intervention gives him enough time to try the stone but it fails and he openly admits it. He then orders Fiore to fight Aurelia while he grabs the queen and flees.
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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptyMon Jul 15, 2013 12:02 am

William chuckled. “You think of yourselves powerful? Hm?” He jabbed his finger at Fiore smugly, then down at Seraph. “You see how helpless they are now, don’t you?”

For a long moment, Tali simply stood and watched him, mulling his words over in her mind. Something about what he said edged its way into her, slicing at her resolve. “Explain yourself,” she insisted, her confidence faltering. She moved forward and placed a stern hand on Aurelia’s shoulder, pulling her back. In a single second this mortal man had put her husband to his knees, who was to say he couldn’t do the same to them? “Answer!”

A long silence rose above them, dampening the air like a cloud. William stepped forward and rose the diamond and in a single, excruciating instant, Tali collapsed. The guards stationed behind her reached forward and brought Aurelia back, guarding her with their bodies.

“This, my dear, is all I need,” he replied. With the diamond still raised, William took hold of his sword, swinging the blade toward Seraph until the tip pierced the Drakon King’s chest. With a bellowing cry, Seraph’s body jerked in pain, his blood soaking through his maroon robes. He turned away from William and reached for Aurelia and Tali, urging with his eyes to run, yet as soon as his mouth began to form the words, a gush of blood seized him. William ripped the blade away, spraying the dark blood against the garden grounds and raised the Draumr higher. Tali shrunk away instinctively, her eyes never leaving her bleeding husband. He was dying, yet no matter how much she tried to move, she was unable to.

The guards froze, watching in horror as their king’s life slipped away in agony. The first two that guarded Aurelia moved forward in a rush, their spears raised toward William until the mortal man moved his hand, shining the diamond’s light upon them…crippling them.

“As you can clearly see by my demonstration, this is in fact…the real Draumr.”
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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 11:41 pm

Fear gripped Aurelia as her father ushered her to go inside. She felt the air around them change. She bolted inside running as fast as she could. Her training had definitely came in handy. Her tested pounded against the stone hallways, alerting the guards inside of danger. Normally, no one ever ran inside the castle. Men headed outside as she ran in the opposite direction. She desperately looked for her mother while yelling, "Mother! Danger!" She could only managed the two words as she ran toward the throne room. As she turned a corner her mother appeared before her. She was a stunning woman who held herself with great dignity and regality. 

"What's going on my dear? Everything is in an uproar.", her mother inquired, fear barely hinted in her voice. 

"I think... William... Here...", she was out of breath though quickly gaining it back. "Father is in... The courtyard with the guards.

Tali features contoured into anger and she sped past her daughter. She already knew it was futile that she tell her daughter to run. Her daughter was just as stubborn as she was, if not more.

"Mother!...", Aurelia ran after her. She would not leave her family. She had to do what was necessary to keep her people safe. When they reached the courtyard she was stunned by the scene before her causing her to stop. Tali wasn't the least bit shocked and didn't skip a beat as she headed straight for William. After a few seconds Aurelia followed and stopped a few yards back. 

"You've made a grave mistake, William," she hissed. Tali raised her hand and two of Williams' guards were sent flying backwards a few dozens yards. "You will leave this place now. Or you will die by my hand!" The air around her seemed to be electrified with her anger. 

Aurelia looked at the scene with utter confusion. The Draumr was real! She saw Fiore! She was alive but looking at her she could tell something was wrong. There was no power coming from her. She instinctively brought the sunlight to her, forming to long slim blades that were just short of short swords. "I will kill you and your men. Release my father and Fiore!" She readied the two blades and pointed one at William. Fear gripped her but not fear of this man by the fear that she would lose the most important people of her life. 

Tali smiled, "I would listen to her. She is quite powerful especially compared to a damn human!"

OOC: I hope this is alright.
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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptySun Jul 14, 2013 9:52 pm

Aurelia was the very reason Seraph fought on. Her happiness was the most precious thing imaginable him and to see her now, angered and upset, it made his stomach churn into a thousand tiny knots. Yet what pained him even more, was knowing it was he who'd caused negativity to blossom between them. He turned his head to look at her, the dullness of her sapphire orbs yanking his heart painfully. "You're angry with me, Aurelia, I understand that now." But what was the extent of her anger? Shuddering, he turned away. The air around them felt unusually heavy all of a sudden, as if an ominous presence was growing near. Ignoring it, Seraph refocused his attention to his daughter. "Fiore and you are close," he stated, "and I realize your anger is caused because I sent her to seek information about William...and that she has yet to return." What made this conversation even more difficult was his own fear that his daughter's childhood friend was dead or worse, captured. If the Draumr really did have the ability to force a drakon to relinquish their Gem of Soul, no one was safe. It would be clear to anyone on what William had planned. The boy already murdered his father and took the throne from beneath his own brothers feet, what was stopping him from creating an army of drakon to use at his disposal? There was no more beating around the bush with Aurelia. To make her understand, he had to relinquish the entire truth to her. "William has...found the Draumr," he said finally, coughing. "My fear is that the power the myths spoke of are true, that it has the power to force a drakon to its knees and render it helpless to the gem's possessor."

He stood at that moment, the air shifting once more. An icy tingle raced up his spine, bringing the surface of his skin to prickle. "Aurelia, inside now!" he demanded in a whisper, beckoning his daughter to stand. "Find your mother, hide well." He ushered her toward the castle before spinning on his heels and headed straight for the large stone wall surrounding their sanctuary. No human would walk inside these walls with a thirst for insatiable power, to wreck havoc, to rendering them all enslave them. "Guards!" Within seconds, dozens of imperial clad men exited the castle, joining their king in his approach of the main gate. But before the wooden doors could be opened, William's stern voice pierced Seraph's ears and the king froze, yet it wasn't the mortal princes presence or the fear for his life, but rather the familiar scent of Fiore. "...they captured her..." The Draumr really could enslave a drakon? Fear wrenched hard at him. He couldn't allow his people to succumb to such a fate.

"Open the gate!" With a heavy pull on four massive chains, the wooden bridge collapsed in time to see William on his white stallion emerge over the main roads hills, his men in tow. Sitting behind William, was Fiore.

The mortal prince approached the gate, stopping his jittery horse, smug smile spread across his lips. "Shouldn't you bow to your king?" he inquired, forcing false innocence to leak into his tone. "You did hear the good news, didn't you?"

King Seraph's guards raised their spears toward William, moving in closer to create a protective barrier around him. "Don't be a naïve mortal, William. You didn't earn your crown, nor do you hold power over any drakon."

William looked taken back, feigned being insulted. "Have you not heard?" He brought out a small leather satchel and reached inside, producing the Draumr a second later. The light from the falling sun caught the many faucets, sprinkling an array of light over the drakon king, who, like his guards, collapsed to their knees in pain.

"The...Draumr..." Seraph managed. He squinted against the light, trying with futile attempts to shield his eyes. His body tensed, breathing labored, as though tiny needles punctured his lungs. Was this the power of the Draumr? William dismounted and approached the king, moving the gem closer, magnifying the drakon's pain. The guards beside him whimpered and rolled, more agonized than Seraph.

"Relinquish control of your Gem of Soul..." William prodded. "Come now... Don't be shy."


William and every guard looked up, seeming almost annoyed. Before them, a tall, slender woman with long blonde hair stood before them, her hand raised, eyes narrowed. Tali, the drakon with an extraordinary knack for telekinesis.

"You've made a grave mistake, William," she hissed.

OOC: I figure maybe Aurelia is beside her? Or nearby
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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 1:48 pm

Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) 1D603BDC-EB7F-4E06-9177-DBBA9E1A4CAD-3523-000004D815EEE5DA_zps4cbc9502

Aurelia, princess of the Drakons, was an outspoken woman that loved her kingdom and it's people very much. She had grown up knowing that one day she would rule after her father which also meant that she would truly have no freedom. At a young age she had reveled a lot but as she matured so did her feelings toward the throne. She worked hard on training to be a capable Queen as well as fighter. She took her lessons seriously although she did make it seem light hearted. She attended parties with her parents and sat in on the meetings with advisors as well as the ones with the people. Soon was her Coming of Age ceremony which meant she would have to pick the suitor that she liked best despite that she had no interest in marriage. She took her title seriously though she also made it fun for herself and those around her. She respected her father and mother very much as did the people. 

Aurelia paced the grounds of her home, not caring about who saw her despite the need to keep up appearances as royalty. She was visible upset and was definitely not trying to hide it. The guards and servants avoided the young princess as she vented to the air. They had never seen her this upset and knew that things were not what they should be. Rumors, like that of wildfire, had gone through the kingdom of the Draumr's existence but it was just rumors, at least that what everyone believed that it was only rumors.   "What could he be thinking sending Fiore away from me?!", she nearly screamed these words. "He had no right to do this." Weeks had passed and no one had seen Fiore since she was ordered to investigate William. This morning she received word that there still was no trace of Fiore. She couldn't believe her father would send her most trusted friend away like that. She was furious at his choice but logic always overruled her emotions and she soon became calm. She stopped pacing the garden and seated herself on a bench, looking out to the horizon. 

Aurelia contemplated on what could have happened to her guard, her friend and he closest thing she had to a confidant. Could she have been killed? She shook her head at the thought. There was no way. Fiore was the best female drakon warrior and was assigned to her from an early age for that reason. She excelled in her training and was superior than most of the men in her group. There was only one that was slightly better than her and he guarded His Majesty. She knew it was also why her father had sent Fiore despite her protests. Could Fiore have been captured? It was another possibility but she couldn't be sure. It was unlikely but if the rumors about the Draumr were true then it could be highly likely. She had only heard tales of the power that the stone held. It was frightening to think that the power of the drakon could be stripped if the Draumr were to fall in the hands of evil. 

Aurelia jumped as her father set his hand on her shoulder. She had been way too lost in thought. She sighed, "Father..." Her gaze stayed on the horizon as she thought about what to say to him. Her father was truly worried and probably felt a lot worse than she did about Fiore. She had been giving him the silent treatment since he sent Fiore on the mission. "You could have sent anyone else... And we wouldn't have to find her.", she whispered. She was still upset. She had been used to getting what she wanted since she was a princess although her father did say no to her, it was rare. She could have anything as long as she had done her duties: training, parties, and keeping up the appearances. Soon it was her Coming Of Age party where she would pick one of the suitors to marry which she desperately wanted to skip. Drakons and Humans we're similar in their royalty, mostly because the humans had copied them long ago. "What do you want to talk about?", she inquired, wondering if her father would finally tell her what had him so bothered lately. She turned her blue eyes to him, sadness dimming them greatly.

Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) 52B8723D-CD11-49D1-9E4C-A13DD8056C4B-3523-000004D7448A2E25_zpsc5e9df13
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PostSubject: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) EmptyFri Jul 12, 2013 11:14 pm

Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) The_ph10

“Why have you done this, William?” Kane pleaded, ripping at the iron bars that imprisoned him. “Is this because of that damned diamond?”

From the doorway came William’s smug laugh, his figure emerging beneath the torch fires light. “Dear brother, do you speak of this?” He lifted his hand with an open palm, revealing within it a large diamond; it’s brilliantly cut faucets catching even the faintest of light. “You’ve insulted my intelligence long enough.”

Breaking away from the gate, Kane began pacing back and forth, gnawing on his thumbnail. “That diamond… It’s twisted you somehow.” He jerked his head back toward his brother, his brown eyes sharp with panic. “Can’t you see what it’s doing to you?”

“Doing to me?” William inquired, scoffing. “Don’t be foolish. I have complete control over the Draumr, and soon, the drakon as well.”

“How do you even know it’s the real thing?” Kane tested. He stopped pacing and faced William completely. “Have you tested it?”

“Of course.” William turned toward the doorway leading to the dungeon and clapped his hands. “Fiore, come out.”


On cue, a dull-eyed female emerged, her body moving almost mechanically. She stopped beside William, seeming to take no notice of Kane or their location. “Meet Fiore, a former drakon.”

“You’re controlling her?”

“Yes, and she’s been quite the talker. She belongs to one of the most powerful drakon clans in existence, hidden deep within the forests where no man has traveled.” William glanced at Kane, observing his reaction. “She’s even agreed to take me and my men there.”

“Your men? You mean father’s men, before you killed him, don’t you?”

“Ha! My rise to king was inevitable. I simply…forced things along,” William explained. “Father was on his deathbed. I simply paid him a courtesy.” He turned back to the female drakon and patted her on the head like a child. “Come now, Fiore. There’s work to be done…clans to be conquered.”

With Kane’s relentless shouting behind him, William exited the dungeon, laughing maniacally as the door slammed shut behind him.


News of Henry Deveroux’s death spread like wildfire through the drakon clans, one in particular growing fast with unease. The Draumr was mere myth, stories told throughout the generations, yet to Henry’s son, William, they became a dangerous reality. The idea of immense power was enticing to the young prince, and his obsession showed through his many travels through drakon territory, gathering bits and pieces of the myth until he concluded the precious gem was buried deep within one of the many sacred drakon burial sites.

Ostracized by his own people, William set out to prove the Draumr’s existence to the world and claim his rightful place on the throne. But due to the drakon’s ignorance, the young prince found the mythical gem, giving the world a glimpse of its brilliance for the first time in thousands of years.

If only his heart was pure.

King Seraph shook his head in disappointment. Had he brought forth a potential threat by ignoring the mortal’s deep obsession? How was anyone to know the stories were real when no evidence was uncovered to insinuate its existence? Still, he should have known. He turned his head toward the garden gates where his daughter, the princess, sat looking thoughtful. How kind of future did he give his only child should William use the Draumr with evil intentions? Certainly no happiness could come of a grim life as a mortal’s slave.

With slow, methodical steps, Seraph crossed the distance and took a seat beside his daughter, offering her a soft, timid smile. He didn’t know the first thing about how to handle the current situation. His daughter had made it clear she was unhappy with him when he sent Fiore, her personal guard, out to investigate the dig site where William had supposedly discovered the Draumr. It had been weeks since they heard anything from the young warrioress and it was quite clear something bad was already beginning to take shape.

He placed a strong hand on his daughters shoulder, seizing her attention. “I can only apologize so much,” he whispered. “I know you’re worried about Fiore, but you have my word we will find her. Please…won’t you speak to me?”

OOC: Probably the most choppy, ill-written post ever…. I was going to wait on bringing Kalix in, going with your idea where William maybe kills either the princess’ father or mother, then enraged, she attacks him and learns she is immune. In my next post, I’ll begin William’s attack.
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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)   Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature) Empty

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Whispers of Draumr (Private, Mature)
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