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 J-Grimm's Characters

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Join date : 2013-07-26
Age : 25
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: J-Grimm's Characters   Sun Nov 24, 2013 2:09 am

Name: Dusk Rooker
Gender: Female
Age: 20 Years
Species: Human (Lost Soul)
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue

Personality: Curious, Irritable at times, very Instinct Driven
Likes: Heights
Dislikes: Being toyed with

Sexual Pref.: Male
Special Power: None
Weapons: None
Talents: Acrobatics 

History: Dusk worked for some time at a circus. In fact it was where she was born and abandoned. If you didn't show some talent that could be used, then you were stuck cleaning up after the animals. From an early age, driven by the need to be more than just some dung scrapper, she discovered her natural born sense of balance. She premiered in her first show at the age of 10 become a beloved figure. Above all, her most well known trait was her lack of fear as she walked on the wire. Even among her fellow acrobats, she was a rare gem. At age 15 she tested her trust in her instincts by performed her first life threatening stunt... Unknown to her co-workers. After the scare had passed and the crowd chanted for more, her career continued. She become the shows main event with each stunt that she performed.

At age 20... She died.

Before the show, her lifelong friend and 5 year boyfriend had come to her to break it off with her. He had wanted to pursue one of the more buxom and beautiful girls whom danced on one of the horses at the show. Angered and depressed, she reacted violently. She turned to drinking and had become a bit too far from just buzzed. Her anger deepened when the ring master suggested she sit out for this show, due to her 'state'. Dusk had taken this as a doubt in her abilities. She became belligerent at this notion. Insisting that he was trying to tell her that she had become too old.

She forced her way through concerned friends and co-workers to get out to take the ring. With her instincts and vision blurred from the alcohol, she had many near misses. The staff watched helplessly as she staggered about on the wire. What was supposed to be a basic feat, front flipping on the wire, turned deadly when finally her instincts gave out to the effects of the alcohol. Her feet missed the wire.

Her soul became lost and her memories shattered. Later, she would find herself walking through the forest, Limbo. With no idea of how she got there or even that she is dead.
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Join date : 2013-07-26
Age : 25
Location : California

PostSubject: Re: J-Grimm's Characters   Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:34 am

 Picture Personally Drawn by Me

Name: Perolith Aeon
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Species: Human Summoner
Hair Color: Copper
Eye Color: Warm orange
Flaming Blue when angered

Personality: Strict, Calm at most times, Explosive when Angered
Likes: Order
Dislikes: Disobedience
Sexual Pref.: Both
Special Powers: Summoning her soul's counterpart, Fenir
Weapons: Hair Pins (Summoning), Duel Fans (Close Combat)

When Perolith was born, her father tried to kill her by dropping her down a waterfall. He was a mighty warrior who had wanted a son. Her mother was slain for the supposed insult. However, her life was saved by the Madam, whom ran the bath house brothel. She had come to collect a debt her father owned her. He refused and she took his life. When she looked down the waterfall she saw Perolith's form in the transparency of the water. Plucking her out the numbing cold waters she found Perolith barely grasping onto life.

It was only by the Madam's magic that Perolith stayed alive. She was always hanging onto the edge of a life. Finally, when she was seven, the Madam brought her into her spell room. She was able to summon Perolith's demon companion from the abyss. It was little more than a little fireball with a little pup's face. It hopped around playfully. Perolith gladly accepted Fenir into her soul. Gaining the gift of fire magic. Upon which, it only took a week for Perolith to have been brought away from the edge and recovered fully. There the Madam kept her for years in her level of the bath house brothel. No one even knew the girl exsisted. Only ghost stories and rumors of a girl's figure walking past windows. Perolith and Fenir were trained hard, the two maturing at an excellerating rate.

At age fifteen, Perolith was finally brought out of the Madam's level and introduced into the world as her personal assistant. Someone to keep things in order so the Madam could focus on other things. By then Perolith had developed her extreme loyalty and sense of strictness. Yet she was more volatile. Easily angered and many suffered for it.

Many times she had to demonstrate that thought she was younger than everyone there, she was not to be disobeyed. With Fenir by her side, they ran a strict rule. Everyone knew within a matter of weeks to never gain the attention of Perolith. As she matured, Fenir grew stronger and bigger. It was now rare to see the two walking together on peaceful days. Both prefering him to preside in the depths of her soul. Sleeping. Yet should Perolith be angered, he would be summoned out to regain the order.

It was because of these two that no one ever disobeyed the Madam's rules. 
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Join date : 2013-07-26
Age : 25
Location : California

PostSubject: J-Grimm's Characters   Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:30 am

Pictures Personally Drawn by Me

Name: Dunnan Ironclaw
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Species: Maned Wolf Demon
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Redish Orange

Personality: Short Tempered, Cocky, and Brave
Likes: Bar Fights
Dislikes: Dresses
Sexual Pref.: Male
Special Powers: Shape shifting in animal form
Weapons: Duel Blades

Dunnan in short is a raging alcocholic who derives entertainment out of fighting. She was born into a pack in the eastern mountains. The only surviving pup out of a litter of five. Due to being brought up with no mother and all boys, she had been raised as a boy would have.

This later led to complications when it came to mating season. She would always disappear a week before and come back a week after. Where she goes went unknown dispite searches by her father. When the old pack leader died, his weakling son was chosen to be the new alpha. Dunnan had a problem with this. She challenged his position and ultimately won out without a sweat. Her years of being like the boys had made her the most powerful member of the pack. Yet the elders refused her right to be lead the pack for their tradition forbid a female leading the pack.

She was sent into a fit of rage and led to her being banished from their pack. A few years later she would be adopted by the elderly Zhang Yun, whom had defeated her after hearing about caravans being attacked by a long legged fox the size of a wolf. After her defeat he dragged her wounded body back to the dojo, despite the objections of his students, and nursed her back to health. From there she began to frequent the bars, consuming inhuman amounts of alcohol. Every time earning her the strict punishment of Zhang Yun, whom has been attempting to teach her inner peace.
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PostSubject: Re: J-Grimm's Characters   

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J-Grimm's Characters
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