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 Command. (Open)

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Command. (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Command. (Open)   Command. (Open) EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 11:48 am

Command. (Open) Army-girls-pictures
I'll take you on a ride you can't refuse...

"I can't hear you!" Yelled the Commanding Officer as I stood there in my stance that was drilled into our heads over the last few years. It had been four years since I joined the Army and I just ranked up with a promotion on my shoulders. I stood there staring at the bald man that must of been in his late fourties; the man wore badges of all sorts that made him stand out from everyone else. I was ready for this, I was going to be deployed over seas for about two to three years; depending on how long they needed me there for but I could not care where I went. I loved my job, I made lots of friends... now the only thing missing was a man; a lover, a husband or boyfriend. I wanted to settle down eventually, though I had not found the perfect guy...yet. I kept looking, I dated that was for sure but it did not go any further than making out. I would make my decision of weather to keep them in my life or not and then move on. I clearly did not need the drama in my life. Taking in a deep breath, I did not even smile at him nor flinch as I yelled back my command "Sir yes sir!". The words echoed and the Commanding Officer smiled at me before moving along. 


I sat there quietly, taking in the view I had. People left, right, behind and in front of me as I sighed softly to myself. Hopefully this flight would go by quickly, this was painful. There were children aboard, babies so you could hear them screaming and crying. Well, wailing as I liked to call it. It was annoying, I honestly thought that I would never have children just for the fact that they were annoying but some of them grew on me. I would babysit for my friends on my days off and the children were pretty good. The ones on this flight just bugged me. First class, ah the pleasure of being served with respect. I fought for my country, I should get respect for what I've been through. I shivered lightly though as I just had a strange feeling come over me. Soon panic set in when the flight attendances began to whisper to each other in fear. I looked calm, but I was freaking out when I could feel the plane starting to shut down.  The com came on and everyone could hear the pilot talking about how the engines were having troubles and that everyone needed to hang on for dear life as they began to go down. 
"Shit" I whispered and closed my eyes as I bent over in my seat and hugged my knees, bracing for the impact...

When I opened my eyes, I noticed I was laying on top of my own luggage in the water. Jesus, what the hell? I glanced around to notice the plane sinking into the water and I could not see if anyone else survived the impact so I guess not and groaned softly. I looked around some more and noticed an Island not too far from where I was. I got off my bag and grabbed it, swimming to the island. I coughed out water and crawling into the grassy part of the island. This was going to be hell, and I knew that. I dropped my bag and looked at it, it was soaked but I was glad that the inside was water-proof so nothing would be damaged. "Fuck my life" I cursed under my breath as I stood up and then dragged my bag to a bush. I sat down in an okay spot and opened my bag. I looked through it to see if I had anything I could use on the island to get the hell away from here. I was cold, wet, and not happy at all. I ran my fingers through my hair as I muttered some rude words to myself...

(Need someone to play the male here. Could be from any background; army, health care, doesn't matter. They are survivors and will have some fights here and there. very slowly start to get along. Please don't be afraid to post)
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Command. (Open)
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